UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

European Traditions Requirement Course List

ARTHI 6A - Art Survey I: Ancient-Medieval Art

ARTHI 6B - Art Survey II: Renaissance-Baroque Art

ARTHI 6C - Art Survey III: Modern-Contemporary Art

ARTHI 136K - Modern Architecture in Early Twentieth-Century Europe

ARTHI 136L - From Modernism to Post-Modernism in European Architecture

ARTHI 141G - The Architecture of Museums and Galleries from c. 1800 to the Present

C LIT 30A - Major Works in European Literature

C LIT 30B - Major Works in European Literature

C LIT 30C - Major Works in European Literature

CLASS 20A - The Ancient Greeks

CLASS 20B - The Romans

CLASS 36 - The World of Heroes

CLASS 39 - Gender and Sexuality in Greece and Rome

CLASS 40 - Greek Mythology

CLASS 50 - Introduction to Classical Archaeology

CLASS 55 - Troy

CLASS 101 - Greek Intellectual Revolutions

CLASS 102 - Understanding Greek Tragedy

CLASS 106 - Ancient Magic and Modern Revivals

CLASS 109 - Ethnicity and Diversity in the Ancient World

CLASS 110 - From Homer To Harlequin: Masculine, Feminine And The Romance

CLASS 130 - Humor and Laughter in the Classical World

CLASS 140 - Slavery and Freedom in the Ancient World

CLASS 150 - The Fall of the Ancient Republic: Cicero, Caesar, and Rome

CLASS 165 - Greek Painting

CLASS 170 - Pompeii

CLASS 171 - Artifact and Text: The Archaeology and Literature of Early Greece

CLASS 175 - Ancient Theories of Literature

FR 50AX - Tales of Love in the Western Tradition

FR 50BX - Tales of Love in the Western Tradition

FR 50CX - Tales of Love in the Western Tradition

GER 111 - Contemporary German Art and Politics

GER 112 - Introduction to German Culture

GREEK 100 - Introduction To Greek Prose

GREEK 101 - Introduction To Greek Poetry

HIST 2A - World History

HIST 2AH - World History - Honors

HIST 2B - World History

HIST 2BH - World History - Honors

HIST 2C - World History

HIST 2CH - World History - Honors

HIST 4A - Western Civilization

HIST 4AH - Western Civilization-Honors

HIST 4B - Western Civilization

HIST 4BH - Western Civilization-Honors

HIST 4C - Western Civilization

HIST 4CH - Western Civilization-Honors

HIST 133D - The Nazi Holocaust and Other Genocides

ITAL 189A - Italy in the Mediterranean: History, Arts, and Culture

LATIN 100 - Introduction To Latin Prose

LATIN 101 - Introduction To Latin Poetry

PHIL 20A - History of Philosophy

PHIL 20B - History of Philosophy

PHIL 20C - History of Philosophy

RG ST 25 - Global Catholicism Today

RG ST 34 - Saints and Miracles in the Catholic Tradition

RG ST 80A - Religion and Western Civilization I: Ancient

RG ST 80B - Religion and Western Civilization II: Medieval

RG ST 80C - Religion and Western Civilization III: Modern

SLAV 35 - Short Fiction by Major Russian Writers

THTR 2C - Performance in Global Contexts: EUROPE

THTR 8 - European Theater History