UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Department of Sociology
Division of Social Sciences
Social Sciences and Media Studies 3005
Telephone: (805) 893-3118
Undergraduate e-mail: ugrad-soc@soc.ucsb.edu
Graduate e-mail: grad-soc@soc.ucsb.edu
Website: www.soc.ucsb.edu
Department Chair: 
Maria Charles

Kevin B. Anderson, PhD, City University of New York, Professor (social and political theory; class, race, gender & sexuality theory; cultural and religious studies; development and social change; Middle Eastern studies; criminological theory)
Janice I. Baldwin, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Senior Lecturer (human sexuality, gender, AIDS)
John D. Baldwin, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Professor (G. H. Mead, human sexuality, socialization, capitalism, micro-macro synthesis)
Kum-Kum Bhavnani, PhD, Cambridge University, Professor (development studies and gender; cultural studies; feminist studies; methodology; critical social psychology)
Denise D. Bielby, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Professor (culture, gender, work, and social psychology/life-course)
Alicia D. Cast, PhD, Washington State University, Associate Professor (social psychology, family, and gender)
Maria Charles, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (gender, social inequality, cross-national comparative sociology)
Raymond Clémençon, PhD, University of Zurich, Continuing Senior Lecturer (International and comparative environmental politics, sustainable development, international organizations, political economy, European Integration)
Jon D. Cruz, PhD, UC Berkeley, Associate Professor (social theory, culture, race and ethnicity, knowledge)
G. Reginald Daniel, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (race and ethnic relations, comparative and historical sociology, comparative race and culture)
Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (cultural sociology and history, French social theory, politics and aesthetics, fascism)
John F. Foran, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (revolutions, global justice movements, radical social change, development and globalization, Middle East studies, Latin American studies, Third World cultural studies, social theory, political sociology, comparative historical methods)
Noah Friedkin, PhD, University of Chicago, Professor (social psychology, social networks, mathematical sociology)
Avery F. Gordon, PhD, Boston College, Professor (social theory, radical thought and practice, militarism, imprisonment, art and literature)
Lisa Hajjar, PhD, The American University, Professor (human rights, international humanitarian law, war and conflict, torture, Israel/Palestine, US policy in the Middle East)
Mark Juergensmeyer, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (South Asian religion and society, sociology of religion, religious nationalism, terrorism, moral community, and social ethics) Joint Appointment: GLOBL
Gene H. Lerner, PhD, UC Irvine, Professor (conversation analysis, social life of very young children, social aspects of syntax)
George R. Lipsitz, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Professor (social movements, urban culture, inequality, race, culture, 20th-century history) Joint Appointment: BLKST
Fernando Lopez-Alves, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (comparative historical sociology, comparative politics, globalization. Latin American politics, organized labor)
Zakiya T. Luna, PhD, University of Michigan, Assistant Professor (social movements, inequality, reproduction, law and society)
John W. Mohr, PhD, Yale University, Professor (complex organizations, culture, historical sociology, higher education, sociology of science)
Jan Nederveen Pieterse, PhD, University of Nijmegen, Professor (globalization, development studies, cultural studies, 21st-century globalization, emerging societies, ethnicity, multiculturalism, future studies) Joint Appointment: GLOBL
Melvin L. Oliver, PhD, Washington University, Professor (Poverty; inequality & social policy; urban; race & interethnic relations)
Elena Raymond, Continuing Lecturer
Geoffrey T. Raymond, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (conversation analysis, ethnomethodology, interaction in institutional settings, social theory, medical sociology, sociology of science and technology; qualitative research methods)
Victor M. Rios, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (urban ethnography, juvenile justice, Latino sociology)
William I. Robinson, PhD, University of New Mexico, Professor (globalization, development, political economy, macrosociology, political sociology, Latin America, migration/immigration, Latino/a studies)
Beth E. Schneider, PhD, University of Massachusetts, Professor (sexuality, feminist and gender studies, social movements, health/AIDS, lesbian/gay studies)
Denise A. Segura, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (Chicana and Chicano Studies, feminist studies, gender, family, work, race-ethnic relations, education)
John R. Sutton, PhD, UC Davis, Professor (organizations, law, crime and punishment, comparative sociology, culture)
Verta A. Taylor, PhD, Ohio State University, Professor (social movements, gender, sexuality, culture, health and mental health)
Sarah Thebaud, PhD, Cornell University, Assistant Professor (gender, families, social psychology, economic sociology, organizations, work)
F Winddance Twine, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (The Body, Ethnography, Intimacy, Privilege, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Visual Sociology, Comparative Racial Studies (Europe/US/South Africa))
Howard A. Winant, PhD, UC Santa Cruz, Professor (race and racism, political sociology, comparative/historical sociology, social theory)

Emeriti Faculty
Rich Appelbaum, PhD, University of Chicago Joint Appointment: GLOBL
William T. Bielby, PhD, University of Wisconsin
Sarah Fenstermaker, PhD, Northwestern University
Sethard Fisher, PhD, UC Berkeley
Richard Flacks, PhD, University of Michigan
Morris F. Friedell, PhD, University of Chicago
Roger O. Friedland, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison Joint Appointment: RELST
David Gold, PhD, University of Chicago
Harvey L. Molotch, PhD, University of Chicago
Ilene H. Nagel, PhD, New York University
Thomas J. Scheff, PhD, UC Berkeley
Gary Schulman, PhD, Stanford University
Tamotsu Shibutani
John A. Sonquist, PhD, University of Chicago
Bruce Straits, PhD, University of Chicago
Thomas P. Wilson, PhD, Columbia University
Raymond S. Wong, PhD, University of Wisconsin
Don Zimmerman, PhD, UC Los Angeles

Affiliated Faculty
Paul E. Amar, PhD (Global and International Studies)
Ralph J. Armbruster, PhD (Chicana and Chicano Studies)
Mary E. Hancock, PhD (Anthropology, History)
Barbara H. Harthorn, PhD (Anthropology)
Laura M. Oaks, PhD (Feminist Studies)
John S.W. Park, PhD (Asian American Studies)
Simone Pulver, PhD (Environmental Studies)
Leila J. Rupp, PhD (Feminist Studies)