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Technology Management Program

Technology Management Program
Phelps Hall 1332
Telephone (805) 893-5133
Email: tmp@tmp.ucsb.edu
Website: www.tmp.ucsb.edu

Chair: Robert A. York
Vice Chair: David R. Seibold

Graduate Program

Master of Technology Management
The Master of Technology Management (MTM) is intended for exceptional students with engineering, science, mathematics, or quantitative social science backgrounds who have demonstrated the potential for leadership. This program will propel students with advanced technical qualifications to successful careers as innovative business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Master of Technology Management degree is not for everyone. We want students with the ambition, disposition, and drive to succeed in our rigorous, immersive environment. We want people who are energized by a challenge and enjoy being pushed by ambitious, like-minded colleagues. For those simply looking for some general management skills, an MBA might be a better fit. But if you’re eager for a more focused set of skills, we've designed a program in which you will thrive. Typically, our students have an undergraduate or master’s degree that is considered technical or quantitative, a stellar GPA, and work experience in a technical field. We look for evidence of initiative as an indicator that you will make the most of the Master of Technology Management experience while adding value to your student cohort.

Master of Technology Management (Requirements – PDF)

In addition to the departmental requirements, applicants must also fulfill the university requirements for admission described in the “Graduate Education” section of this catalog.

Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP) Certificate
For highly motivated graduate students across the UC Santa Barbara campus seeking a structured and diploma-enhancing business education, the Technology Management Program offers a UC-wide recognized graduate certificate. TMP helps prepare graduate students to enter the technology business world with knowledge of balance sheets, income statements, discounted cash flows, capital budgeting, opportunity recognition, market segmentation, target marketing and sales, IP management, business planning, presentational skills, team processes, and leadership. Our goal is to see UC Santa Barbara‘s Technology Management students sought out by technology corporations and start-ups. Students are expected to complete 18 credits that include 5 courses and either an internship or participation in the New Venture Competition.