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Education Abroad Program

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The Education Abroad Program at the University of California (UCEAP) offers over 380 international study programs in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Over 5,000 UC students, primarily undergraduates, are expected to take part in this program. Participating students remain registered on their home campuses while studying abroad and receive full academic credit for their work allowing them to integrate EAP into their academic plans. Currently, over 1,000 UCSB students participate on UCEAP programs each year. Students of all majors are encouraged to supplement their undergraduate education at UCSB by pursuing this valuable international experience.

While on UCEAP, students continue to earn UC units, and completed courses and grades appear onto the official UCSB transcript. With careful planning, courses may be used to fulfill major, minor and general education requirements allowing students to stay on track for graduation. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of research, volunteer and internship opportunities that will help them further their career goals. Although students have a variety of program lengths to select from, it is most impactful when they study abroad for the entire academic year.

The cost of studying on EAP varies by program and some options may be less than or comparable to the cost of staying at UCSB. Students continue to receive financial aid that includes grants, scholarships and loans. In addition to UC financial aid, scholarship support may be available from UCEAP, UCSB EAP and national funding sources. Students should contact the UCSB EAP Office and Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Please note that EAP opportunities are also open to qualified graduate students who have completed at least one full year of graduate work and have the support of their academic department and graduate dean. A detailed statement of the projected program of study is required. Interested graduate students are strongly encouraged to meet with an EAP advisor early in the process.

Selection of UC students requires the following: serious academic goals and a plan for integrating EAP studies into the student’s UC degree program; maturity, flexibility, and the ability to succeed within the host culture; willingness to abide by program regulations; endorsement by EAP and completion of language and other specific requirements. Language prerequisites and GPA requirements vary by program.

In addition to sending UC students abroad, UCEAP administers a reciprocal exchange program that welcomes over 1,300 international students from its partner universities. At UCSB, approximately 250-300 exchange students are integrated into the student body each year.

The UCSB EAP Office is located in South Hall 2431. Advisors there can provide full details about the academic programs abroad, requirements, and application procedures. Staff will put students in touch with recent participants and academic advisors. Most EAP applications are due six to eight months before departure for the program. Contact the EAP Office and consult the EAP website for exact deadlines – eap.ucsb.edu. Information for each EAP offering is also available online at eap.ucop.edu.