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AB540 Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Waivers

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A student who attended a high school in California for three or more years and who graduated from a California high school (or attained the equivalent) may be exempt from paying supplemental non-resident tuition. Eligibility for this exemption will continue until the student fulfills the University of California residency requirements or until this exemption is no longer available, whichever occurs first. Exemption Requirements:

The student must have:

  1. attended a high school in California for three or more years*; and
  2. graduated from a California high school (or attained the equivalent); and
  3. enrolled, or be in the process of enrolling, at a University of California campus after January 1, 2002.

    *As of January 1, 2015, a student may be eligible for AB 540 if the student is a UC nonresident student who has successfully completed three years of high school academic credit in fewer than three years. The student must be able to document having been enrolled in school in California for at least three academic years during K-12 enrollment.

Non-immigrant students are not eligible for this exemption. Non-immigrants, as defined by federal immigration law, have been admitted to the United States temporarily and for a limited purpose.

A student who does not have a lawful immigration status, but otherwise meets the requirements, will be eligible if she/he is taking steps to legalize his or her immigration status or will do so as soon as she/he is eligible.

This exemption is available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Students who meet the requirements listed above will remain nonresidents for tuition purposes, but they will not be assessed Supplemental Nonresident Tuition or other fees paid by nonresident students.