UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Quarterly Fees and Expenses

Tuition, fees, and other charges are subject to change without notice by the Regents of the University of California. Refer to the Office of the Registrar’s website for a complete breakdown of fees and the latest fee information at www.registrar.ucsb.edu/feechart.aspx. Some specific fees are described below.


Tuition is paid by all students registered at UCSB as determined by the Regents. It provides general support for the University’s operating budget, including costs related to instruction, and funds student financial aid.

Student Services Fee

The student services fee is the same for both undergraduate and graduate students. This fee supports such student services as athletic facilities, laboratory fees, outpatient care furnished by Student Health, and counseling and placement services. This fee is charged whether or not students use these services.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition

Students who have not been classified as legal residents of California for tuition purposes are classified as nonresidents, and are subject to payment of a nonresident supplemental tuition. Graduate doctoral students should refer to the "Reduced Nonresident Supplemental Tuition" page in the "University Policy" section of this catalog to learn about the possible reduction of the nonresident supplemental tuition. Regulations governing residence determination are outlined in UC’s Residence Policy and Guidelines. Questions concerning residence classification may be referred to the Residence Deputy in the Office of the Registrar at Residency@sa.ucsb.edu.

University Center Fee

All students are assessed a University Center (UCen) fee used to repay construction loans. Students enrolled in 5.5 units or fewer are eligible for a full refund of this fee.

Transit Systems Fee

The transit systems fee provides unlimited local Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus service for all registered students. Students may ride MTD at no charge by showing their ACCESS card with current bus sticker.

Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition

Students admitted to the Technology Management Program must also pay professional degree supplemental tuition.

Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI)

All registered UCSB students are required to have health insurance that meets minimum coverage limits. It is a condition of enrollment AND a non-academic requirement of registration.

UCSB students are automatically enrolled in GHI which includes vision and dental coverage, and access to many Student Health services with no additional charges. The premium for GHI is included in your total cost of attendance. Financial Aid awards will include a GHI Grant to cover this fee for eligible students. The insurance premium will automatically be included in your quarterly BARC bill. For information about this comprehensive plan, visit the Student Health Insurance webpage.

If you have adequate private insurance and do not wish to enroll in GHI, you may submit a request for an insurance waiver. You will need to have your private insurance plan information available. Please note that your Financial Aid award may change if you waive out of GHI. For more information, please review the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship’s Policy Information webpage.

Mandatory Insurance Waiver Periods

Academic Year Schedule (includes students who are either Full-time, EAP, or NRSP)
Fall Waiver site opens April 10, 2018 - September 12, 2018
Waivers submitted between September 1 - September 12 will be assessed a $50 late fee
Winter Waiver site opens November 1, 2018 - December 26, 2018
Waivers submitted between December 1 - December 26 will be assessed a $50 late fee
Spring Waiver site opens February 1, 2019 - March 19, 2019
Waivers submitted between March 1 - March 19 will be assessed a $50 late fee

Once a waiver request has been approved, it remains in effect until the beginning of the next academic year if the insurance plan used to waive GHI remains active. UCSB will re-verify a student’s insurance throughout the academic year.

Students with approved waivers may purchase pre-paid access to many core Student Health services through the Gaucho Access Plan (GAP). Students who waive GHI with insurance plans exclusive to any county outside of Santa Barbara will be REQUIRED to be enrolled in GAP. More information is available on the GAP webpage.