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Division of Humanities and Fine Arts,
Humanities and Social Sciences 4001
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Department Chair: Dorota Dutsch

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts—Classics—Classical Language and Literature Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

The language and literature emphasis focuses on examining the Graeco-Roman world through an exploration of ancient texts in their original languages. Like classics as a field, this emphasis is strongly interdisciplinary. Reading in Greek and/or Latin texts offer students a sampling of poetry, drama, history, philosophy, oratory, etc.

Students who wish to pursue graduate studies in classics should take the language and literature emphasis, but this emphasis also serves well students with interdisciplinary interests who seek a challenging liberal arts major and who enjoy small classes in which they receive significant personal attention. Students interested in pursuing graduate study in Classics should keep in mind that they will need to exceed the minimum language requirements for this emphasis in order to improve their chances of admission to a strong graduate program (see above).

Bachelor of Arts— Classics—Greek and Roman Culture Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

The Greek and Roman Culture Emphasis is intended to serve as an intellectually stimulating and rigorous liberal arts major for those who do not plan a career teaching Classics. Since the language requirement is somewhat lower than that of other emphases, this emphasis is not recommended for those intending to pursue graduate study in Classics. However, it provides students with the opportunity to explore in depth a wide variety of central aspects of Greek and Roman culture in a highly interdisciplinary fashion. The one-course requirement in “Comparative ancient and classical cultures” also encourages students to consider common themes of ancient cultural traditions and early complex societies in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Bachelor of Arts—Classics—Classical Archaeology Emphasis (Requirements - PDF)

The classical archaeology emphasis brings together classical art history, classical archaeology, anthropology, and ancient history into a coherent program of study.

This emphasis is for students with an interest in archaeology looking for a strong, liberal arts major, or for students planning to pursue graduate studies in classical archaeology.

Minor—Classics (Requirements - PDF)