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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences
South Hall 6607
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Department Chair: Stephen Bigelow

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science—Mathematics (Requirements - PDF)

The bachelor of science degree is especially suitable for students who want a rigorous program with an emphasis on theory or who plan to go on to graduate work in mathematics.

Bachelor of Science—Applied Mathematics (Requirements - PDF)

This is an applied mathematics degree intended for students interested in computational aspects of mathematics, systems analysis, decision sciences, physical sciences, and operations research. It is suitable as preparation for advanced training in applied mathematics, management science, business administration, or operations research.

Bachelor of Arts—Mathematics (Requirements - PDF)

This degree provides the student with a broad, liberal education in pure mathematics and is flexible enough to allow a wide variety of upper-division programs that may be created by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor. The B.A. in mathematics contains a special concentration designed specifically as preparation for high-school teaching. However, completion of a concentration will not be formally acknowledged on the student’s official transcripts or diploma.

Bachelor of Science—Financial Mathematics and Statistics (Requirements - PDF)

This is a joint major between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability; in cooperation with the Department of Economics. This degree is intended for students who would like to learn how mathematics, probability and statistics play a key role in pricing and hedging securities in the financial markets.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science—Pre-Mathematics/Bachelor of Science—Pre-Applied Mathematics (Requirements - PDF)

Bachelor of Science—Pre-Financial Mathematics and Statistics (Requirements - PDF)

Minor—Mathematics (Requirements - PDF)

Minor—Mathematics for High School Teaching (Requirements - PDF)