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Freshman Seminars

Office of Student Academic Affairs
College of Letters and Science Cheadle Hall 1117
Telephone: (805) 893-2688
E-mail: freshsem@LTSC.ucsb.edu


Freshman seminar courses are designed to give freshman students an opportunity to study with distinguished faculty in low-enrollment classes called seminars. Typically, enrollment in freshman seminars does not exceed 20 students. 

These one-unit courses, graded P/NP only, touch upon current controversial issues or review interesting research in a narrow field. Recent seminars have included “Case Studies in Medical Ethics,” “Musical Instruments of the World,” and “Experimental Economics.” Freshman Seminars are offered as Interdisciplinary 94AA-ZZ. Students may earn a total of 3 units from all INT 94AA-ZZ courses. No seminars with the same suffix (AA-ZZ) may be repeated. Visit www.freshsem.ucsb.edu for complete details and a listing of current topics. These courses apply purely as elective credit toward the degree. The College of Letters and Science publishes a list of the topics and instructors for each quarter’s freshman seminar courses just before registration for that quarter.  For more information, please visit our website at www.freshsem.ucsb.edu.