UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Theater and Dance

(formerly Dramatic Art and Dance)
Department of Theater and Dance
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Theater and Dance-West, Building 223
Telephone: (805) 893-3241
E-mail: theaterdance-ugradadv@theaterdance.ucsb.edu
Website: www.theaterdance.ucsb.edu
Department Chair: Simon Williams
Vice Chair & Director of Dance: Jerry Pearson


The Department of Theater and Dance provide a thriving forum for the study of dance, theater, and other types of performance. The mission of the department is to develop and nurture students' capacity for self-expression and critical thinking; to train actors, dancers, designers, directors, and playwrights for professional work; to provide students with a general education through the media of dance, performance, and theatre; and to train graduate students as scholars and teachers.  The department production season and curriculum provide ample opportunities for participation in dance and play productions and workshop activities in four campus theaters.

The department offers four undergraduate and two graduate degrees: a bachelor of arts (B.A.) and a bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) in Dance, a bachelor of arts (B.A.) and a bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) in Theater, a master of arts (M.A.) in Theater, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theater. The B.F.A. degrees in dance and theater are designed to prepare students for a professional career. The B.A. degrees are more broadly based, with a liberal arts orientation, which allows students wider curricular choices. All degrees provide a strong background in dance or theater studies. The M.A. program is designed to afford a strong foundation for work in educational or professional theater or for further graduate study. The Ph.D. is an intensive program concentrating in literary, critical, and historical research, designed to prepare students for careers in university teaching.

Senior Honors Program

Students who maintain a 3.5 grade point average both in the major and overall are invited by the Chair to submit Senior Honors Project proposals for an undergraduate thesis project to be completed during the senior year, supervised by a member of the faculty. The thesis must represent a significant advanced undertaking in an area of either academic research or creative endeavor. If selected, the student will receive 4 to 8 units of academic credit in the Theater or Dance 193H/HA-HB-HC series. The project will be evaluated by a committee including the supervisor and two additional members of the faculty. Successful completion of the thesis will be recognized by the award of Distinction in the Major at graduation.