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Absence and Withdrawal

Temporary absence during a quarter. Students enrolled at UCSB who have been or will be absent from classes for a brief period of time for reasons beyond their control should notify their professors as soon as possible. Regardless of the reasons for absence, students will be required to complete all coursework.

If an absence is late in the term and prolonged, making it impossible to complete the coursework on time, a student may petition the instructor to assign an Incomplete (I) grade. To receive an I grade, the student must submit the approved petition to the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the quarter in which the I grade is to be assigned. Refer to “Incomplete Grades” under the “Grading System” section in this chapter for complete regulations. A student who is unable to make this request personally may ask the Office of Student Life to notify each instructor of the circumstances of the absence and to circulate a petition on the student’s behalf. If the instructor agrees that an extension of time for completion of the course is justified and approves the petition, a grade of Incomplete will be assigned.

Complete withdrawal. After paying fees or enrolling in a BARC payment plan, a student wishing to withdraw for a term without completing the enrollment process must first submit a petition to the Office of the Registrar.

An enrolled student who wishes to withdraw from the university during a quarter without completing the quarter’s work must obtain a Petition for Complete Withdrawal from the Office of the Registrar. If the petition and deadline requirements are met and the approval of the college dean is secured, the student’s enrollment will be withdrawn without academic penalty. The deadline for undergraduates in the College of Engineering and the College of Letters and Science to submit a completed petition is the last day of instruction for the quarter. When undergraduate students submit the completed petition after the deadline for course withdrawal for the college in which the student is enrolled, the Office of the Registrar will enter a grade of W for each course in which the student is registered. A student who receives permission to withdraw completely during the early weeks of a quarter may be entitled to a partial refund of fees for that quarter as outlined in the Schedule of Classes. Students who receive Title IV federal aid will be required to return a prorated portion if they withdraw or have their status lapsed before 60% of the quarter has passed. Upon request, the Office of Student Life may provide assistance in completing a Petition for Complete Withdrawal for a student who cannot do so due to medical or personal circumstances. If the dean of the college approves the petition, the student’s academic record will reflect the process described above.

Students who enroll and subsequently discontinue work during a quarter without an approved petition for withdrawal will receive an F, NP (not passed), or U (unsatisfactory) grade, as appropriate, for each course in which they are enrolled for that quarter. Such students are ineligible for any refund of fees, and their future registration privileges may be curtailed or revoked.

Before withdrawing, students are advised to seek counsel from faculty, departmental, and college advisors, and from Counseling Services so as to consider the full implications of this action. After withdrawal and before future registration, undergraduates must apply for and receive permission to be readmitted. The application deadlines for readmission or reinstatement significantly precede the start of the quarter. The deadlines are published in the Schedule of Classes. The opening dates for applying for readmission are noted in the calendar at the beginning of this catalog. Graduate students should contact the Graduate Division.

Warning. A newly admitted student who completely withdraws during his/her first quarter of enrollment and prior to or during the third week of instruction will not qualify for readmission. Under this condition the student is required to reapply through the Office of Admissions.

Withdrawal from a course. To drop a course after the established deadline for the quarter, students must petition for and obtain the approval of the dean of their college. The dean may direct the Office of the Registrar to enter a grade of W, F, NP (not passed), or U (unsatisfactory), as appropriate, on the student’s record, or may cancel the student’s enrollment. The dean may also stipulate that future enrollment in the same course be subject to approval. Students should be aware that late withdrawals are granted only under exceptional circumstances. Students should not discontinue class attendance on the assumption that the request will be approved.

Lapse of status. Lapse of status is the automatically enforced withdrawal of a student from the university. A student’s status may be lapsed (1) for failure to comply with the conditions for admission, (2) for failure to register and enroll in courses by the deadline stated in the Schedule of Classes, (3) for failure to settle financial obligations when due or to make satisfactory arrangements with the Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Collections Office (BARC) if payment cannot be made, (4) for failure to respond to official university notices (including failure to remove blocks).

Leaves of absence. Graduate students are required to maintain continuous registration. Under extraordinary circumstances graduate students may request a leave of absence from the Graduate Division. For further information concerning leaves of absence for graduate students, consult the chapter “Graduate Education at UCSB” or the Graduate Division Web site at www.graddiv.ucsb.edu.

Undergraduate students may request leave of absence when studying abroad through a non-UC sponsored program.  For more information regarding the non-UC sponsored leave request refer to the Leaving and Returning section online at www.registrar.ucsb.edu/stu_abr/index.htm.

Readmission–Undergraduates. Eligible undergraduate students who wish to register at UCSB after an absence, a complete withdrawal, cancellation, or lapse of their registration, must file an application for readmission with the Office of the Registrar. Eligibility will be determined at the point of application processing. Applications are available on the Registrar’s Web site at www. registrar.ucsb.edu/read_rein.htm.

Readmission opens November 1 (of the preceding year) for fall quarter; July 1 (of the preceding year) for winter quarter; October 1 (of the preceding year) for spring quarter. Readmission deadlines are: 

Fall  - the second Monday in August
Winter - the second Monday in November
Spring -  the second Monday in February

 These deadlines may be closed without notice, pending enrollment restrictions. The non-refundable application fee is $60.

Readmission is generally approved for students who were on regular academic status when they left UCSB provided that any college-level work completed in the interim is satisfactory and space is available. Transcripts of all course work undertaken elsewhere must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar to complete the readmission process. It is highly recommended that returning juniors and seniors, who have taken course work elsewhere, meet with a college adviser prior to submitting a readmission application.

A newly admitted student who completely withdraws during his/her first quarter of attendance before completing the third week of instruction will not qualify for readmission. Under this condition the student is required to reapply through the Office of Admissions.

Students who are seeking readmission to the College of Letters and Science after having already completed 155 or more units need the approval of the dean. In some cases, they will be required to submit a “Proposed Schedule for Graduation” before readmission will be considered. In general, readmission will be approved only for those students whose proposed schedule leads to graduation within 200 total units. As the proposal must be endorsed by the student’s major department (and minor department if a minor is planned), students should begin this process several months prior to their intended return.

Students in the College of Letters and Science should note the following application deadlines if they are seeking readmission after completion of 155 units or reinstatement after poor academic performance: the second Monday in August for fall quarter; the second Monday in November for winter quarter; the second Monday in February for spring quarter. Those who miss the deadline to apply for their desired quarter will have to apply for readmission (and/or reinstatement) to a later quarter.

Any student returning to UCSB following an absence of three quarters or more (excluding summer) must file a new Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) available online at www.registrar.ucsb.edu/residenc.htm. The deadline for submission of an SLR is two weeks from admission or readmission.

Reinstatement–Undergraduates. Students who were on reinstatement probation, or were subject to academic disqualification, or dismissed by dean’s action when they left the university, will not be considered for readmission unless first reinstated by the dean of their college. The dean will establish the conditions of such reinstatement, if approved.

Reinstatement–Graduates. Students who wish to register after a break in enrollment must petition for reinstatement through the Graduate Division. Reinstatement is not automatic and requires the approval of the student’s academic department; the student’s record will be evaluated in terms of past academic performance and timely completion of the degree. Students seeking to reinstate who have exceeded the time limit for completion of the master’s and/or doctoral degrees must also submit a plan and timetable for degree completion to their department and the Graduate Division for review and approval.