UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Grading and Unit Requirements

The grading system in the college is focused on accomplishment. It is a combination of pass/no record and variable unit credit. A pass in a college course is given only for work completed at above-average (3.0 or higher) level. For each course in the college, the student may receive any number of units from 0 to 6. Zero (0) is No Record—the course is not recorded on the student’s transcript; any number of units from 1 to 6 is Pass. In each course the student enrolls for the specific number of units of work (up to a maximum of six) planned for that course, but at the end of the quarter the instructor makes the final determination of the unit value of the student’s work.

Courses taken outside the College of Creative Studies will be graded according to the grading system of the college in which the courses were taken. Students must maintain a 2.0 grade-point average in courses taken for letter grades outside the College of Creative Studies.

Each unit of credit earned is counted toward graduation; 180 quarter-units of credit qualify the student to be evaluated for graduation with a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of science degree in the College of Creative Studies.