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Charles Bazerman, PhD, Brandeis University, Professor (teaching of writing, writing in the disciplines, rhetoric of science and technology, history of literacy, genre theory, activity theory, distance learning)
Julie A. Bianchini, PhD, Stanford University, Associate Professor (science education, the teaching and learning of science related to issues of equity and diversity, teacher education and professional development)
Mary E. Brenner, PhD, UC Irvine, Professor (development of mathematical cognition, cultural influences on development, situated cognition, international education, cognitive science, educational equity, mathematics teaching, informal education)
Dorothy M. Chun, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (applied linguistics, foreign language teaching, educational multimedia and hypermedia)
Sharon Conley, PhD, University of Michigan, Professor (organizational behavior and work design with particular attention to school organizations)
Jenny Cook-Gumperz, PhD, London University, Professor (teaching and learning, cultural perspectives and comparative education, research methodology, LISO, applied linguistics)
Richard P. Duran, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (cognitive science, cultural psychology, educational assessment and policy, academic preparation and outreach, Latino and English language learners)
Michael M. Gerber, PhD, University of Virginia, Professor (special education, disabilities, developmental risk, educational leadership, organization, policy, cognitive science)
Karen L. Gibson, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Assistant Professor (structural equation modeling, latent variable modeling, longitudinal data analysis, mixture modeling, educational measurement and statistics, survey design and large-scale data analysis, peer victimization and bullying, research methodology)
Judith L. Green, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (ethnography of communication, language and learning, social construction of knowledge and life in educational settings, K-20, education and technology integration, teaching and learning, research methodology, cultural perspectives and comparative education, LISO)
Danielle B. Harlow, PhD, University of Colorado, Assistant Professor (teaching and learning, science education, teacher education)
Hsiu-Zu Ho, PhD, University of Colorado, Professor (cross-cultural psychology; parental involvement and student achievement; comparative education; developmental behavioral genetics; research methodology)
Cynthia Hudley, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (child and adolescent development, achievement motivation, Peer relationships, attribution theory, aggression, interdisciplinary human development, ethnic minority populations)
Susan K. Johnson, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lecturer Potential SOE (teacher education, model-based inquiry, nature of science)
Robert L. Koegel, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (experimental analysis and treatment of autism; family interaction and stress in families with disabilities.) Joint Appointment: CNCSP
Amelia Kyratzis, PhD, City University of New York, Professor (language development, language socialization, language socialization in children's peer group interactions, how children negotiate ideologies (e.g., multilingual/monolingual practices; gender practices)in their peer group interactions, bilingual language development, grammar and discourse)
Jin Sook Lee, PhD, Stanford University, Associate Professor (cultural perspectives and comparative education, teaching and learning, applied linguistics)
Christopher M. Ograin, PhD, UC Irvine, Lecturer Potential SOE (Mathematics Education; Science and Mathematics Initiative; Applied Mathematics) Joint Appointment: MATH
Yukari Okamoto, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (child and adolescent development, teaching and learning, cultural perspectives and comparative education, cognitive science, IHD)
Jason D. Raley, PhD, Stanford University, Lecturer SOE (cultural perspectives and comparative education, teaching and learning, research methodology, teacher education)
Laura F. Romo, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Associate Professor (child and adolescent development, cultural perspectives and comparative education)
Russell W. Rumberger, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (education policy, economics of education, schooling of disadvantaged students, research methodology)
George H. Singer, PhD, University of Oregon, Professor (families children disabilities, disability law and policy, education severe disability, teacher education)
Tine F. Sloan, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Lecturer Potential SOE (teacher education, teaching and learning)
Mian Wang, PhD, University of Kansas, Associate Professor (special education, disabilities and risk studies, teacher education)
John T. Yun, EdD, Harvard University, Associate Professor (educational leadership and organizations, research methodology)

Emeriti Faculty
Sheridan D. Blau, PhD, Brandeis University Joint Appointment: ENGL
James Block, PhD, University of Chicago
Norman J. Boyan, EdD, Harvard University
Willis D. Copeland, PhD, University of Notre Dame
John W. Cotton, PhD, Indiana University
Carol N. Dixon, PhD, University of Delaware
Priscilla A. Drum, PhD, Stanford University
Naftaly S. Glasman, PhD, UC Berkeley
Susan Neufeldt, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Melvyn I. Semmel, EdD, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University
Robert M. Thomas, PhD, Stanford University
Julian Weissglass, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jules M. Zimmer, EdD, Arizona State University
Rebecca Zwick, PhD, UC Berkeley

Affiliated Faculty
Linda Adler-Kassner, PhD (Writing Program)
Mary H. Bucholtz, PhD (Linguistics)
Jane C. Conoley, PhD (Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology)
Karen J. Lunsford, PhD (Writing Program)
Richard Mayer, PhD (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Claudine Michel, PhD (Black Studies)
Tara J. Yosso, PhD (Chicana and Chicano Studies)