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Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology Faculty

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Michael T. Brown, PhD, Southern Illinois University, Professor (career development and correlates of vocational choice; the career development of ethnic/racial minorities; social cognitive and cultural factors underlying psychological processes and measurement.)
Collie Conoley, PhD, University of Texas, Professor (positive psychology, multicultural/cross cultural counseling process and outcome; couple and family therapy.)
Jane C. Conoley, PhD, University of Texas, Professor (school psychology, school mental health, teacher quality)
Melissa Morgan Consoli, PhD, Loyola University, Assistant Professor (resilience; cross-cultural issues; immigration experiences; social justice; subjective well-being; Latino/a resilience and thriving.)
Merith Cosden, PhD, University of New Mexico, Professor (prevention and intervention for child abuse and neglect; community-based program evaluation; mandated substance abuse treatment; the co-occurrence of substance abuse and mental health disorders; self-concept and social development of children with learning disabilities.)
Michael J. Furlong, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (school violence; school readiness; positive youth development; student engagement; youth psychological wellbeing)
Tania Israel, PhD, Arizona State University, Associate Professor (interventions to support the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals and communities; privilege and oppression; intersections among gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; and social justice)
Shane R. Jimerson, PhD, University of Minnesota, Professor (international school psychology, developmental psychopathology, bullying, early reading assessment, achievement trajectories, outcomes associated with early grade retention, high school dropout and completion, school crisis prevention and intervention, the efficacy of early intervention programs, and children's grief and adaptation in response to a loss.)
Maryam Kia-Keating, PhD, Boston University, Assistant Professor (developmental psychopathology; risk and protective factors; resilience; culture and acculturation; immigrant and refugee youth; exposure to violence and trauma; PTSD; stress and coping; school-based mental health programs; community participatory research.)
Robert L. Koegel, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (experimental analysis and treatment of autism; family interaction and stress in families with disabilities.) Joint Appointment: EDUC
Elizabeth A. Laurie, MEd, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Lecturer
Erin Dowdy, PhD, University of Georgia, Assistant Professor (behavioral assessment and classification particularly early identification of child behavior problems; school-based mental health; prevention and early intervention.)
Matthew Quirk, PhD, University of Georgia, Assistant Professor (School readiness; academic assessment and intervention; academic motivation and engagement; early reading development)
Jill D. Sharkey, Lecturer Potential SOE
Steven Smith, PhD, University of Arkansas, Associate Professor (clinical sport psychology, athletic performance enhancement, therapeutic personality and neuropsychological assessment, diversity issues in assessment.)
Heidi Zetzer, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Lecturer Potential SOE (family violence, culturally competent and empirically-based treatment; multicultural supervision.)

Emeriti Faculty
Larry E. Beutler, PhD, University of Nebraska
Jesus M. Casas, PhD, Stanford University
Gale Morrison, PhD, UC Riverside