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Minimum Academic Progress

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The recommended study load for a full-time undergraduate student in the College of Letters and Science is 12 to 16 units per quarter. An average load of 15 units must be maintained if the student expects to complete degree requirements in four years.

Furthermore, undergraduate students in the College of Letters and Science are required to make at least minimum progress toward the degree at a rate determined by the faculty. Student progress will be monitored every other regular term. Students who, at the point of review, fall short of the minimum cumulative progress measure will be placed on Minimum Cumulative Progress Probation. Students who have not returned to Minimum Cumulative Progress standards two regular terms later will be subject to disqualification, at the discretion of the dean of the college. Students may monitor their progress in relation to the expectations of the faculty by using the campus’ GOLD system.A term by term chart that outlines the required minimum academic progress and offers more detailed information about other important aspects of the Minimum Cumulative Regulation should be viewed at the college’s academic advising website (www.advising.ltsc.ucsb.edu). Students may also consult the college advising office (Cheadle 1117) for assistance.

All study lists of fewer than 12 units must be approved by the Dean of Undergraduate Education. Students who, for health reasons, or regular outside employment, or personal and/or family responsibilities, are unable to maintain the 12-unit quarterly minimum may request an exception by submitting the appropriate petition to the college office.