UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences
Trailer 232
Telephone (805) 893-5675
Undergraduate e-mail: ugrads@chem.ucsb.edu
Graduate e-mail: gradprog@chem.ucsb.edu
Website: www.chem.ucsb.edu  

Department Chair: Frederick W. Dahlquist


The department offers programs leading to the B.S. degree in chemistry or biochemistry or the B.A. degree in chemistry. The B.S. degrees are intended for students interested in careers strongly dependent on chemical knowledge. Such careers are found in chemical, biochemical, and materials science research, and quality control in medicine. Graduates may enter the workforce directly or seek the highest levels of career attainment by enrolling in an appropriate graduate or professional school. The requirements of the B.S. degree in chemistry meet American Chemical Society standards for certification with appropriate choices of upper-division electives.

The B.A. degree in chemistry offers flexibility and is intended for students interested in careers having a significant chemical component such as environmental science, law, technical management, K-12 education, and business. Graduates may enter the workforce directly or seek higher levels of career attainment by enrolling in an appropriate professional program.

Entering majors will be assigned an advisor who should be consulted on departmental opportunities and program requirements. Students must submit their programs to the advisor for approval.

Students seeking a degree from the department and who also are interested in pursuing a California Teaching Credential should consult with the credential advisor in the Graduate School of Education soon after enrolling.

Prizes and Honors

The Willard L. McRary Prize in Chemistry is given to a graduating senior whose work in chemistry reflects the promise of outstanding scientific achievement, such as that which characterized the career of Professor McRary. The B. R. Baker Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry is awarded to graduate students who have given strong indication, by their graduate or undergraduate record, that they will make continued and substantial contributions to the progress of organic, medicinal, or biological chemistry. The Robert H. DeWolfe Teaching Fellowship is awarded to a graduate student in organic chemistry who has demonstrated excellence in undergraduate instruction. The Robert H. DeWolfe Undergraduate Research award supports students who are preparing for a future career in organic chemistry that plan to enter graduate school or industry upon graduation. The John H. Tokuyama Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to an organic chemistry graduate student. The Roche Bio-Science Fellowships recognize outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in organic chemistry. The Jarrod Davidson Award is given to a graduate student facing special challenges raising a family in memory of Jarrod Davidson.

Departmental Honors Program

Students who have achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 or above in their chemistry courses and submit a written report of their original research carried out under the guidance of a faculty member (through completion of chemistry 192) and approved by one additional member of the faculty shall be designated as having achieved a Distinction in the Major. Students contemplating this option should advise the undergraduate staff advisor of their intention at the end of their junior year.