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Interdisciplinary Studies

Office of Student Academic Affairs
College of Letters and Science
Cheadle Hall 1117
Telephone: (805) 893-2038
E-mail: skassner@ltsc.ucsb.edu


The major in Interdisciplinary Studies was created to provide a means for students to achieve particular intellectual goals that cannot be met by any existing major. Successful interdisciplinary studies majors are those that carry a coherent theme across a group of three or more departments—a theme that cannot easily be examined within a single major or double-major format. Students are urged to consult with a college advisor early in their academic careers for assistance in formulating their objectives within the major and in identifying the courses at UCSB which will best fulfill those goals.

Students wishing to enter the major must draw up a proposed program of study in three separate departments according to the requirements listed below. (At least one-half of the units required for the Interdisciplinary Studies major must be in departments that offer a departmental major in the college.) After approval by the chairs of the selected departments and review by a college advisor, the proposal is submitted to a college dean appointed by the executive committee of the College of Letters and Science, which has sole authority for approving admission to the major. The dean evaluates proposals according to a combination of the following criteria: (1) overall coherence and academic integrity of the proposed set of courses to be taken in each department; and (2) rationale for the choice of major departments, as explained in a statement of purpose submitted by the student. The program approved by the dean constitutes a contract and may be altered only by petition.

Applications for admission to the major are available in the college office, Cheadle Hall 1117. The entire process of admission—from first picking up application papers to final approval by the dean—can take several weeks. Interested students are advised, therefore, to begin the process by the beginning of their junior year. Applicants to this program are normally not admitted as freshmen. Admission to the major in the senior year is not encouraged and will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major does not exempt prospective teaching credential candidates from the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). Students interested in UCSB’s credential requirements are urged to consult the Credential Services Office in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education in Education 4102 as soon as possible.

Students who intend to pursue graduate or professional studies are urged to consult advisors in their proposed fields to determine the prerequisites for admission to the desired graduate programs. The specific areas of emphasis within Interdisciplinary Studies will not be noted on student transcripts.