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The College Honors Program encourages students to intensify their educational experience and to participate in a small community atmosphere within the larger university setting throughout their undergraduate study. College Honors Program participants benefit from increased contact with both faculty and peers in small classes and special programs.
Participants in the honors program enjoy graduate library privileges, preferential class enrollment and special advising services. Housing is available to eligible first-year students in Scholars floors located in several university-owned residence halls.

Honors program students may enroll in special honors sections of large introductory courses that provide preparation for the major or fulfill general education area requirements. With faculty approval, upper-division College Honors Program students may design their own honors contracts in upper-division courses, and have special research opportunities available to them. Special lower-division and upper-division honors seminars that enhance the honors program are also available. These opportunities give students the chance to find mentors among some of UCSB’s most dedicated faculty. In addition, students may participate in the departmental senior honors programs described later in this section.

Undergraduate research opportunities combine two of UCSB’s greatest resources, the distinction of its research faculty and the excellence of its undergraduate programs. Honors students may engage in independent and team research under the supervision of a faculty researcher. Special access to advising and research funding is available to honors program participants. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for additional information.

Entry to the College Honors Program is available at three points in a student's career.  In addition to the group of students who are automatically enrolled in the program at admission to the university, a group of high achieving students are invited to apply once they have submitted their Statement of Intent to Register.  Students who enter the university as freshmen may also apply to the Honors Program between their first and second years or their second and third years.  Entering freshmen students are invited into the College Honors Program based on high school grade-point average and SAT I (or ACT score) and SAT II scores. In the typical entering freshman class, 10 percent of the students are eligible to enter the College Honors Program. Transfer students with an appropriate grade-point average when they enter UCSB are also eligible and are encouraged to apply. Please note: Eligibility criteria are subject to change at any time.

Students may continue as College Honors Program members as long as they maintain the required grade-point average of 3.6 and complete at least two honors experiences each year. A minimum grade of B is required for the honors designation to be assigned to a course. Annual progress reviews are conducted during the summer.

To complete the College Honors Program and receive the Academic Excellence Award, a student who was admitted to the honors program after matriculation must complete 9 honors experiences including 5 upper division experiences.  For students who are admitted between freshman and sophomore years or who graduate in three years, the required number of honors experiences is 7 with at least 5 being upper division.  Transfer students and students who are admitted between sophomore and junior years must complete 5 upper-division honors experiences. The total number of honors experiences is reduced to 7 (including 3 upper-division) for students who participate in the University of California’s year-long Education Abroad Program. Students must also complete community service to be eligible for the Academic Excellence Award.

A Certificate of Academic Excellence will be awarded by the Dean of Undergraduate Education to all graduating seniors who complete the College Honors Program.