UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Graduate Division

The Graduate Division facilitates and coordinates graduate education and student services for all graduate academic and professional programs at UCSB. Under the supervision of the Graduate Deans and under policy set by the Academic Senate Graduate Council, the Division promotes academic excellence in graduate degree programs, fosters a diverse and inclusive graduate community of domestic and international students, and cultivates an intellectually stimulating and socially supportive climate for all graduate students.

The Graduate Division has many roles. The Admissions and Outreach unit facilitates the successful admission and enrollment of highly qualified and diverse applicants. The Academic Services unit encourages and monitors graduate students’ successful progress toward degree completion, enforces academic standards, processes petitions, coordinates financial, academic and career development workshops, and processes all graduate degrees. The Financial Support unit administers fellowship programs, maintains an extramural funding database, and certifies student eligibility for academic appointments. All are committed to the recruitment, admission, matriculation, and graduation of a diverse and highly qualified graduate student population.