UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Area F Course List

ARTHI 1 - Introduction to Art

ARTHI 5A - Introduction to Architecture and Environment

ARTHI 6A - Art Survey I: Ancient-Medieval Art

ARTHI 6B - Art Survey II: Renaissance-Baroque Art

ARTHI 6C - Art Survey III: Modern-Contemporary Art

ARTHI 6D - Survey-Asian Art

ARTHI 6DS - Survey: History of Art in China

ARTHI 6DW - Survey: Art of Japan and Korea

ARTHI 6E - Survey: Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Native North America

ARTHI 6F - Survey: Architecture and Planning

ARTHI 6G - Survey: History of Photography

ARTHI 6H - Pre-Columbian Art

ARTHI 6K - Islamic Art and Architecture

ARTHI 101A - Archaic Greek Art (750 to 480 BCE)

ARTHI 101B - Classical Greek Art (480-320 BCE)

ARTHI 101C - Hellenistic Greek Art

ARTHI 101D - Ancient Egyptian Art

ARTHI 103A - Roman Architecture

ARTHI 103B - Roman Art: From the Republic to the Empire (509B.C. to A.D. 337)

ARTHI 103C - Greek Architecture

ARTHI 105B - Medieval Art: Byzantine

ARTHI 105C - Medieval Architecture: From Constantine to Charlemagne

ARTHI 105E - The Origins of Romanesque Architecture

ARTHI 105F - Medieval Art: Romanesque

ARTHI 105G - Late Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

ARTHI 105H - Medieval Art: Gothic

ARTHI 105J - Gothic Painting: 1200-1400

ARTHI 105L - Art and Society in Late-Medieval Tuscany

ARTHI 107A - Painting in the 15th-Century Netherlands

ARTHI 107B - Painting in the 16th-Century Netherlands

ARTHI 109A - Italian Renaissance Art: 1400-1500

ARTHI 109B - Italian Renaissance Art: 1500-1600

ARTHI 109C - Art as Technique, Labor, and Idea in Renaissance Italy

ARTHI 109D - Art and the Formation of Social Subjects in Early Modern Italy

ARTHI 109E - Michelangelo

ARTHI 109F - Italian Journeys

ARTHI 109G - Leonardo Da Vinci: Art, Science, and Technology in Early Modern Italy

ARTHI 109H - Art and Moral Values

ARTHI 111A - Seventeenth-Century Visual Culture in Northern Europe

ARTHI 111B - Dutch Art in the Age of Rembrandt

ARTHI 111C - Dutch Art in the Age of Vermeer

ARTHI 111E - Gender and Power in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century European Art

ARTHI 111F - Rethinking Rembrandt

ARTHI 113A - Seventeenth Century Art in Southern Europe

ARTHI 113B - Seventeenth Century Art in Italy I

ARTHI 113D - Architecture in Early Modern Italy

ARTHI 113F - Bernini and the Age of the Baroque

ARTHI 115B - Eighteenth-Century Art: 1750 to 1810

ARTHI 115C - Eighteenth-Century British Art and Culture

ARTHI 115D - Eighteenth-Century Art in Italy: The Age of the Grand Tour

ARTHI 117A - Nineteenth-Century Art: 1800-1848

ARTHI 117B - Nineteenth-Century Art: 1848-1900

ARTHI 117C - Nineteenth-Century British Art and Culture

ARTHI 117D - Nineteenth-Century French Art 1800-1900

ARTHI 117F - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

ARTHI 119A - Art in the Modern World

ARTHI 119B - Contemporary Art

ARTHI 119C - Expressionism to New Objectivity: Early Twentieth Century German Art

ARTHI 119D - Art in the Post-Modern World

ARTHI 119E - Early Twentieth Century European Art, 1900-1945

ARTHI 119F - Art of the Post-War Period, 1945-1968

ARTHI 119G - Critical Approaches to Visual Culture

ARTHI 121A - American Art from Revolution to Civil War: 1700-1860

ARTHI 121B - Reconstruction, Renaissance, and Realism in American Art: 1860-1900

ARTHI 121C - Twentieth-Century American Art: Modernism and Pluralism, 1900-Present

ARTHI 121D - African American Art and the African Legacy

ARTHI 121E - American Things: Material Culture and Popular Art

ARTHI 121F - History of Native Art and Architecture of North America

ARTHI 123C - Modern Art of Mexico

ARTHI 125A - Chicano Art: Symbol and Meaning

ARTHI 127A - African Art I

ARTHI 127B - African Art II

ARTHI 130A - Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico

ARTHI 130B - Pre-Columbian Art of the Maya

ARTHI 130C - The Arts of Spain and New Spain

ARTHI 130D - Pre-Columbian Art of South America

ARTHI 132A - Mediterranean Cities

ARTHI 132B - The "Masterpiece" in Islamic Art and Architecture

ARTHI 132C - Architecture and Ideology from Constantine to Suleyman the Magnificent

ARTHI 132D - Islamic Architecture 650-1400

ARTHI 132E - Islamic Architecture 1400-Modern

ARTHI 132I - Art of Empire

ARTHI 134A - Buddhist Art

ARTHI 134B - Early Chinese Art

ARTHI 134C - Chinese Painting

ARTHI 134D - Art and Modern China

ARTHI 134E - The Art of the Chinese Landscape

ARTHI 134F - The Arts of Japan

ARTHI 134G - Japanese Painting

ARTHI 134H - Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World

ARTHI 136A - Nineteenth-Century Architecture

ARTHI 136B - Twentieth-Century Architecture

ARTHI 136E - Modern Design

ARTHI 136H - Housing American Cultures

ARTHI 136I - The City in History

ARTHI 136J - Landscape of Colonialism

ARTHI 136M - Revival Styles in Southern Californian Architecture

ARTHI 136O - Sustainable Architecture: History and Aesthetics

ARTHI 136Y - Modern Architecture in Southern California, C. 1890s to the Present

ARTHI 138B - Contemporary Photography

ARTHI 138C - Social Documentary Photography

ARTHI 138D - History of Photography

ARTHI 140A - Portraiture

ARTHI 140B - Landscape Painting and Design

ARTHI 140E - Landscape Design History

ARTHI 141D - Birth of the Modern Museum

ARTHI 143B - Feminism and Art History

ARTHI 143C - Gender and Representation

ARTHI 144A - The Avantgarde in Russia

ARTHI 144C - Contemporary Art in Russia and Eastern Europe

ARTHI 144D - Russian Art

ARTHI 184B - The History of Rome: Image and Idealogy

ARTHI 184C - The Palace and Villa in Early Modern Europe

ARTST 1A - Visual Literacy

ARTST 7A - The Intersections of Art and Life

ARTST 125 - Art Since 1950

AS AM 4 - Introduction to Asian American Popular Culture

AS AM 118 - Asian Americans in Popular Culture

AS AM 120 - Asian American Documentary

AS AM 127 - Asian American Film, Television, and Digital Media

AS AM 140 - Theory & Production of Social Experience

AS AM 146 - Racialized Sexuality on Screen and Scene

BL ST 14 - The History of Jazz

BL ST 45 - Black Arts Expressions

BL ST 142 - Music in African-American Cultures: U.S.A.

BL ST 153 - Black Popular Music in America

BL ST 161 - "Third World" Cinema

BL ST 162 - African Cinema

BL ST 170 - African-Americans in the American Cinema

BL ST 171 - Africa in Film

BL ST 172 - Contemporary Black Cinema

CH ST 119 - Mesoamerican Art and Artists

CH ST 125B - Contemporary Chicano and Chicana Art

CH ST 138 - Barrio Popular Culture

CH ST 148 - Chicana Art and Feminism

CH ST 188C - Chicano Theater Workshop

CHIN 40 - Popular Culture in Modern Chinese Societies

CHIN 141 - China in Transition through Films

CHIN 170 - New Taiwan Cinema

CLASS 102 - Greek Tragedy In Translation

CLASS 165 - Greek Painting

CLASS 170 - Pompeii

DANCE 35 - History and Appreciation of World Dance

DANCE 36 - History of Modern Dance

DANCE 45 - History and Appreciation of Dance

DANCE 145A - Studies in Dance History to 1789

DANCE 145B - Studies in Dance History: Ballet

DANCE 145M - Studies in Dance History: American Musical Theatre

DANCE 145W - Women in Dance

DANCE 146 - Multicultural Dance

FLMST 46 - Introduction to Cinema

FLMST 120 - Japanese Cinema

FLMST 121 - Chinese Cinema

FLMST 122AA - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122AE - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122AR - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122AU - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122AZ - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122CA - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122CN - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122CU - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122EU - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122FF - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122FL - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122FR - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122HE - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122HK - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122HU - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122IC - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122IM - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122IN - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122IT - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122KO - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122LA - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122MC - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122ME - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122MX - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122NA - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122NG - Topics In National Cinemas.

FLMST 122TH - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 122WN - Topics in National Cinema

FLMST 124 - Indian Cinema

FLMST 125A - Documentary Film

FLMST 125B - Documentary Film

FLMST 126 - Cuban Cinema

FLMST 127 - Latin American Cinema

FLMST 127M - Mexican Film and Television

FLMST 133 - Soviet Cinema, 1917-1945

FLMST 134 - French and Francophone Cinema

FLMST 136 - British Cinema

FLMST 144 - The Horror Film

FLMST 163 - Women and Film: Feminist Perspectives

FLMST 169 - Film Noir

FLMST 175 - Experimental Film

FLMST 178Z - Technology and Cinema

FR 156A - French Cinema: History and Theory

FR 156B - French and Francophone Cinema

FR 156C - Modern Images of the Middle Ages: The Intersection of Text, History, and Film

FR 156D - Technology and Cinema

GENED 1FW - General Education Seminar for Freshmen

GER 55A - Contemporary German Pop Culture

GER 55B - Contemporary German Pop Culture

GER 183 - The Horror Film

ITAL 124X - Italian Theatre

ITAL 178B - Italian Cinema

ITAL 179X - Fiction and Film in Italy

ITAL 180Z - Italian Cinema

JAPAN 149 - Traditional Japanese Drama

JAPAN 159 - Japanese Cinema

MUS 11 - Fundamentals of Music

MUS 15 - Music Appreciation

MUS 17 - World Music

MUS 114 - Music and Popular Culture in America

MUS 115 - Symphonic Music

MUS 116 - American Music History: From the Colonial Period to the Present

MUS 118A - History and Literature of Great Composers in Western Music

MUS 119A - Music and Politics

MUS 119B - Music in Political Films

PHIL 136 - Aesthetics

SLAV 130A - The Avantgarde in Russia

SLAV 130B - Russian Cinema

SLAV 130C - Contemporary Art in Russia and Eastern Europe

SLAV 130D - Russian Art

SLAV 130E - Masters of Soviet Cinema

SPAN 126 - Spanish Cinema

THTR 2A - Performance in Global Contexts: Africa and the Caribbean

THTR 2B - Performance in Global Contexts: ASIA

THTR 2C - Performance in Global Contexts: EUROPE

THTR 3 - Life of the Theater

THTR 5 - Introduction To Acting

THTR 7 - Performance of the Human Body

THTR 8 - European Theater History

THTR 9 - Playwriting

THTR 180A - American Drama to 1940

THTR 180B - American Drama 1940 to Present

THTR 180C - Contemporary American Drama and Theater

THTR 180E - Culture Clash: Studies in U.S. Latino Theater

THTR 180G - Race, Gender, and Performance

THTR 181S - National Studies in Spanish Theater and Drama

THTR 182A - Ancient Theater and Drama

THTR 182M - Modern Theater and Drama

THTR 182MC - Modern Contemporary

THTR 182N - Neoclassical Theater and Drama

THTR 182RM - Romantic Theater and Drama

THTR 184AA - African American Performance

THTR 184CA - Comparative African Theater and Performance

THTR 188S - Shakespeare on Film and Stage