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Freshman Applicants

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College of Letters and Science and College of Engineering

Students will be selected on the basis of academic and personal achievement, as assessed through a comprehensive review of the full range of accomplishments presented in the admission application.

Criteria for selection include: high school grade point average; academic preparation in college preparatory coursework; quality of the senior year program; honors, AP, IB, and college courses; scores on required standardized examinations; the context in which the student has achieved admission eligibility; evidence of creative or intellectual achievement; diversity of intellectual and social experience; and personal characteristics of the applicant that would demonstrate leadership, initiative, and ability both to contribute to and to benefit from the educational experience at the University.

College of Engineering

Students are selected by major for all engineering and computer science majors. Only applicants with a solid background in advanced high school mathematics will be considered for admission to engineering. This includes high grades in all math courses through grade 11 and enrollment in pre-calculus or higher in grade 12. A student not selected for the first choice major will be reviewed for admission to a second choice major.

College of Creative Studies

Applicants must submit work in evidence of talent or letters of recommendation for faculty review. Applicants must submit a College of Creative Studies application (available from the College Web site: www.ccs.ucsb.edu) in addition to the regular UC undergraduate application.

Students will be selected on the basis of academic preparation in college preparatory courses, high school grade point average, performance on required standardized tests and on special talent, outstanding achievement, and capacity for excellence in one of the eight academic areas within the College.