UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

General Education Program

The General Education Program is the common intellectual experience of all UCSB students, whatever their majors. Through the General Education Program, students receive orientation to a broad range of intellectual disciplines: the kinds of questions that are addressed, the methods for solving problems, and the strategies for communicating findings and conclusions.

The General Education Program is multidisciplinary, requiring study in a variety of areas that may include science and mathematics, human history and thought, social science, arts, and literature, among others. It is designed to expose students to a breadth of ideas that might otherwise be outside their experience, and to encourage intellectual curiosity.

In addition, the General Education Program provides opportunities to acquire university-level skills in writing, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and foreign languages, in courses specifically devoted to these topics and also in courses in which practice and instruction in these topics are embedded in the study of other subjects.