UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Undergraduate Degrees

For a list of minors offered, please see: Undergraduate Minors.

College of Creative Studies

Art B.A.
Biology B.A.
Chemistry/Biochemistry B.A., B.S.
Computer Science B.S.
Literature B.A.
Mathematics B.A., B.S.
Music--Composition B.A.
Physics B.A., B.S.

College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering B.S.
Computer Engineering B.S.
Computer Science B.S. **
Electrical Engineering B.S.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.

College of Letters and Science

Actuarial Science B.S.
Anthropology - Cultural Emphasis B.A.
Anthropology - Physical Emphasis B.A.
Aquatic Biology B.S. **
Art B.A.
Art History - Architecture and Environment Emphasis B.A.
Art History B.A.
Asian American Studies B.A.
Asian Studies B.A.
Biochemistry B.S.
Biochemistry-Molecular Biology B.S. **
Biological Sciences B.A. **
Biological Sciences B.S. **
Biopsychology B.S. **
Black Studies B.A.
Cell and Developmental Biology B.S. **
Chemistry B.A.
Chemistry B.S. 
Chicana and Chicano Studies B.A.
Chinese, Classical Mandarin B.A.
Classics - Classical Archaeology Emphasis B.A.
Classics - Classical Language & Literature Emphasis B.A.
Classics - Greek & Roman Emphasis B.A.
Communication B.A. **
Comparative Literature - Foreign Language Emphasis B.A.
Comparative Literature - Interdisciplinary Emphasis B.A.
Computer Science - Computational Biology Emphasis B.A. **
Computer Science - Computational Economics Emphasis B.A. **
Computer Science - Computational Geography Emphasis B.A. **
Dance B.A.
Dance B.F.A.
Earth Science - Climate & Environment Emphasis B.S.
Earth Science - Geohydrology Emphasis B.S.
Earth Science - Paleobiology Emphasis B.S.
Earth Science - Science Education Emphasis B.A.
Earth Science B.A.
Earth Science B.S.
Ecology and Evolution B.S. **
Economics & Accounting BA **
Economics B.A. **
Economics-Mathematics B.A. **
English B.A.
Environmental Studies B.A.
Environmental Studies B.S. 
Feminist Studies B.A.
Film and Media Studies B.A. 
Financial Mathematics and Statistics B.S. **
French B.A.
Geography B.A. 
Geography - Geographic Information Science Emphasis B.A.
Geography - Physical Geography B.S. 
Geophysics B.S.
German B.A. 
Global Studies B.A.
History B.A.
History of Public Policy B.A. 
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy - Biology and Ecology Emphasis B.S. 
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy - Physical & Chemical Policy Emphasis B.S.
Hydrologic Sciences and Policy - Policy Emphasis B.S.
Individual B.A. * 
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. * 
Italian Studies B.A. 
Japanese B.A. 
Language, Culture & Society B.A.
Latin American and Iberian Studies B.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Linguistics - Chinese Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - English Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - French Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - German Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - Japanese Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - Slavic Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - Sociocultural Linguistics Emphasis B.A.
Linguistics - Spanish Emphasis B.A.
Mathematical Sciences B.S. ** 
Mathematics  B.S. **
Mathematics B.A. **
Medieval Studies B.A. 
Microbiology B.S. **
Middle East Studies B.A.
Music - Accompanying Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Bassoon Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Cello Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Clarinet Emphasis B.M.  
Music - Composition Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Double Bass Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Ethnomusicology Emphasis B.A. 
Music - Flute Emphasis B.M. 
Music - French Horn Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Guitar Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Oboe Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Percussion Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Piano Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Trombone Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Trumpet Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Tuba Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Viola Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Violin Emphasis B.M. 
Music - Voice Emphasis B.M.
Music B.A. 
Pharmacology B.S. ** 
Philosophy - Core Philosophy, B.A.
Philosophy - Ethics & Public Policy, B.A.
Physics B.A.
Physics B.S. 
Physiology B.S. **
Political Science - Public Service Emphasis B.A.
Political Science B.A. ** 
Portuguese B.A.
Psychology B.A. ** 
Religious Studies B.A. 
Renaissance Studies B.A. 
Slavic Languages and Literatures B.A. 
Sociology B.A. ** 
Spanish B.A.
Statistical Science B.A.
Statistical Science B.S.
Theater - Acting B.F.A.
Theater B.A.
Zoology B.S. **
* Declaration of the Individual and Interdisciplinary Studies majors is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the College of Letters and Science.
** Admission to this major is contingent upon successful completion of all courses in preparation for the major with the designated grade-point average. Students who are completing these preparatory requirements will have "pre-major" status.
Please note: Concentrations do not appear on transcripts or diplomas. Emphases appear only on transcripts (not on diplomas).