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UCSB Library

Located at the center of campus, the UCSB Library is the academic and research hub for students and scholars. It is part of the University of California Library System, which houses more than 35 million volumes and is the largest public academic research library in the world.

About the Collection
The UCSB Library collection contains more than three million books, 35,000 print and online journals, and subscriptions to over 400 article and research databases. Among the Library's collections are the Sciences and Engineering Library, Map and Imagery Laboratory, Curriculum Laboratory, East Asian Library, and Ethnic and Gender Studies Library. Rare manuscripts, audio recordings, and unique materials are housed in the Library's Department of Special Collections. They include the Performing Arts Collection, the Wyles Collection on the American West, the Skofield Printers’ Collection, and the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA). The Arts Library, located in the Music Building, is home to auction and exhibition catalogs, music scores, and more than 60,000 recordings.

Resources for Students
UCSB librarians provide expert individual assistance and classes to help students develop library research skills and strategies. Personalized 24-hour research support is available through the Library website. Library study spaces, ideal for collaborative work or individual study, include group study rooms, designated quiet areas, comfortable couches, and a secure 24-hour study room. Students can find computers, laptops, scanners, copiers, video and DVD players, audio materials, and free wireless access at the Library. UCSB students can login to access the Library's databases and online resources from outside the Library at anytime.

Resources for Faculty and Researchers
Technological innovations are transforming the ways in which scholarly information is created, disseminated and preserved, and the UCSB Library is partnering with faculty members and researchers to take full advantage of the opportunities these advancements provide. The Library is active in national initiatives, such as the Digital Jukebox, a partnership with the Library of Congress, which digitizes rare audio recordings and makes them accessible online to scholars and the public. The Library also works with faculty and researchers to manage data curation, preservation, and open-access publishing.

The UCSB Library is a member of the California Digital Library, the Association of Research Libraries, and the Center for Research Libraries, and participates in cooperative programs with other major national research libraries to provide collections and services for the UCSB community.

Contact the UCSB Library at (805) 893-2478, or visit www.library.ucsb.edu.