UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Enrollment Requirements

Continuous registration is required of all graduate students; the normal course load for graduate students is twelve units per quarter. Graduate students must enroll in at least eight units to be appointed as graduate student researchers or as teaching assistants, to receive fellowships and most forms of financial aid, and to be eligible for campus and extramural benefits and services (University Housing, Student Health Service, etc.).

In general, there are no reduced fees for a reduced course load. Most lending agencies demand repayment of loans if a student is not registered or is carrying less than a normal course load. The Immigration and Naturalization Service requires international students to be engaged in a full course of study while at UCSB.

Graduate students who fail to register lose all status as students, including access to the privileges outlined above. Graduate students who wish to register after a break in enrollment must petition for reinstatement through the Graduate Division. Reinstatement is not automatic and requires the approval of the student’s academic department; the student’s record will be evaluated in terms of past academic performance and timely completion of the degree. Students who wish to reinstate and have exceeded the time limit for completion of the master’s and/or doctoral degrees must also submit a plan and timetable for degree completion to their department and the Graduate Division for review and approval.