UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Transfer of Credit

Credit for upper-division and graduate courses may be transferred to UCSB only if the student was enrolled in a graduate program when the courses were completed and they have not been applied toward a degree already awarded. Graduate students must complete one quarter of residency at UCSB before they can petition to transfer units earned elsewhere. With the permission of the Graduate Division and the academic department, up to eight quarter-units of credit for courses completed with a B or better from an accredited college other than another University of California campus may be transferred as upper-division credit toward a graduate degree. Up to twelve quarter-units may be transferred from another UC campus. With the exception of courses completed through Open University at UCSB Extension by applicants for graduate admission, course titles of transferred units are not reflected on the UCSB transcript for graduate students, and transferred units are treated as Passed/Not Passed and do not count toward UCSB grade point average. No transfer credit is allowed for any course taken as an undergraduate.

Courses taken through UCSB Summer Sessions immediately preceding fall matriculation may apply toward a graduate degree or teaching credential pending department approval. Ordinarily, no credit is allowed toward an advanced degree for units taken while in non-degree status.

Students who have formally applied to a UCSB graduate program at the time they completed coursework through Open University at UCSB may transfer up to 12 units of credit and the grade points earned in those units to their graduate program, if admitted. Students must petition their academic department and the Graduate Division for approval. Units taken through Open University prior to filing an application cannot be transferred.
Graduate students may not take courses through Open University that can be completed through regular enrollment at UCSB. If such courses are taken, no unit credit will be counted toward fulfillment of degree requirements set by the UCSB Graduate Council.
Graduate students must receive permission from the Graduate Division to take “special” Extension course offerings—i.e., coursework other than Open University courses. Consult the Graduate Division for a petition and further information.

Since departments are normally interested in the competencies attained in previous coursework rather than in unit credit, students should consult their academic departments and the Graduate Division to determine if a transfer of units is necessary.