UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Undergraduate students are responsible for reviewing records carefully to ensure that they are completing all degree requirements. To assist in preparing for graduation, students should review the following records located in the Academic History section within GOLD.

New Student Profile listing degree requirements and any transfer credit earned is available online to students soon after they are admitted to UCSB.

Credit Memo is a summary available to UCSB students who earned transferable credit from another institution.

Progress Check is an evaluation of how completed courses and exams are applied toward University and college requirements. This does not include major requirements.

Degree Audit is an evaluation of how completed courses and exams are applied to University, college, and major requirements.

A graduation check is performed by the Office of the Registrar when an undergraduate student declares candidacy for graduation. As the graduation check is a final review of records, it occurs too late to be of assistance in deciding which courses to take during the last quarter.

For assistance in reviewing major requirements, students should consult their major department advisor. Students in the College of Creative Studies are required to consult with their assigned advisors on a quarterly basis to monitor progress, both in the major and toward graduation.

Graduate students must communicate their intent to graduate with their academic department in order to begin the process of a degree check. This process is finalized by the Graduate Division. A graduate degree cannot be awarded until the student has fulfilled all relevant university and departmental degree requirements, as determined by degree checks conducted by the student’s academic department and the Graduate Division. The degree candidate is responsible for correcting any deficiencies found during a final degree check.