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Summer Sessions

Each year, the Office of Summer Sessions offers over 600 lower- and upper-division courses in two six-week sessions, four three-week sessions and one ten-week session. Courses available range from anthropology to writing and include special study programs in undergraduate, online and graduate courses.

Summer Sessions also includes many travel study opportunities to exciting locations that include Australia, Italy and London.

Two special pre-college programs for high-school students are available during the summer sessions:

The UCSB Early Start Program offers qualified high-school students, who have completed their sophomore year, college-level lower-division academic courses ranging from anthropology to statistics. Students can receive full university credit and will experience college life in a supervised environment.

The Summer Research Mentorship Program matches highly motivated high-school students with an active researcher who serves as faculty advisor and research supervisor. Students earn university credit while gaining research experience.

Summer Sessions also offers two innovative programs, Freshman Summer Start, and Transitions, designed for admitted UCSB freshmen and transfer students. These programs include academic courses and special activities designed to give student participants a comprehensive introduction to the university while getting a head start on their studies. Freshman Summer Start, and Transitions are designed to help new students make successful transitions to the vibrant academic life of the campus.

The Summer Sessions Online Catalog, posted during spring, contains a full list of courses and information regarding Summer Sessions' fees, rules, and regulations. Application forms for summer session, special institutes, and programs are available online on the Summer Sessions’ Website. If you need this application in another format, please contact Summer Sessions at:

E-mail: info@summer.ucsb.edu
Phone: 805-893-2315
Web: http://summer.ucsb.edu

ADDENDUM - 04/04/2014
During the summer term (end of June through mid-September), UC Santa Barbara’s Office of Summer Sessions offers an Open Enrollment program to all qualified domestic and international university students, while largely serving the academic needs of matriculated UC Santa Barbara students. Ranging from anthropology to writing, over 600 lower- and upper-division courses are scheduled during two six-week sessions, four three-week sessions and one ten-week session. Beginning early January, a tentative course listing may be found on the Summer Sessions website, http://summer.ucsb.edu/coursepreview along with information regarding Summer Sessions applications, fees, policies and deadlines. In particular, international students interested in attending summer Open Enrollment are strongly encouraged to determine the appropriate visa status that will allow them to study at UC Santa Barbara during the summer term.