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Minimum Admission Requirements for Freshmen Who Are Nonresidents

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There are two paths to UC eligibility for nonresidents at the freshman level. The first is the same as described under Eligibility in the Statewide Context for California Residents, and the second is the same as described under Eligibility by Examination Alone, with the following exceptions:

Scholarship Requirement: If your GPA is 3.4 or above, you satisfy the minimum Scholarship Requirement if you achieve the test score indicated in the UC test score translation tables at:

Eligibility by Examination Alone: Nonresident students must achieve a UC Score total of at least 425, as calculated according to the UC test score translation tables. See http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/freshman/requirements/examination/index.html.

While attaining eligibility is an important first step in gaining admission to the University, eligibility does not assure admission to UC Santa Barbara. When a UC campus cannot admit all eligible applicants, as has been the case among many UC campuses in recent years (including UCSB), it uses standards to select students that are more demanding than the minimum requirements. These standards, which the University calls selection criteria, identify students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and the capacity to contribute to the intellectual vitality of the campus community.