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Veterans Benefit Programs

The Office of the Registrar certifies enrollment for VA Chapter benefit recipients to the Veterans Administration (VA) Regional Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and applies the California College Fee Waiver for eligible students.

College Fee Waiver Program

The State of California offers a College Fee Waiver Program to dependents of service-connected disabled or service-related deceased veterans. This program is administered by the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA) and exempts the student from paying quarterly tuition and fees.

Benefits are awarded on an academic-year basis and students are required to reapply each year for continued benefits. If you may be eligible to receive these benefits, contact your local County Veterans Service Office (CVSO). This listing is in the government pages section of your telephone book, under “county government.” You may also call CDVA at (800) 952-5626, or visit their Web site at www.cacvso.org to learn more about this program.

California Fee Waiver letters of eligibility should be submitted to the Registrar before the fee payment deadline to avoid late fee penalties.  

Students intending to claim the Cal Vet Fee Waiver, and whose veteran family member is pending a disability rating, must file an Intent to Secure VA Disability Rating Petition during the academic years in which the Cal Vet Fee Waiver is expected to cover once the VA’s final rating is issued. The petition allows students to retroactively seek remission of fees for the quarters covered by the Cal Vet Fee Waiver. More information regarding the Cal Vet Fee Waiver program and filing a petition is located on the registrar’s  Veterans College Fee Waiver Program website. Students may also contact veteransbenefits@sa.ucsb.edu

VA Chapter Benefit Programs

VA Chapter benefit recipients apply for benefits through the Office of the Registrar and the Western Regional VA Office. All students who apply must complete the Veterans Benefit Request Form and submit to the Office of the Registrar quarterly.

Those seeking initial verification of eligibility for Chapter benefits should contact the VA Regional Office, P.O. Box 8888, Muskogee, OK 74402, (888) 442-4551 or online at: www.GIBILL.va.gov.

For more information regarding any of these programs, contact the UCSB VA Benefit Program at: VeteransBenefits@sa.ucsb.edu  or visit the Office of the Registrar.