UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Graduate Program Certificates

Enrolled graduate students at UCSB may pursue either of two certificates in addition to their degree.

The Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP) provides graduate students a sound introduction in the fundamentals of business management in preparation for successful careers using their graduate training beyond the University. The program includes courses in business management, entrepreneurship, and product development.  Students also either complete a 160-hour internship at an approved organization or compete in the Technology Mangement Program’s New Venture Competition. Information is available at http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu/academics/graduate.html.

The Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT) is designed for doctoral and M.F.A. students who wish to demonstrate superior competence and experience in preparation for teaching at the university or college level. Certificate requirements include completion or attainment of a number of teaching-related skills and experiences culminating in independent instruction of an entire class with the support of a UCSB faculty mentor. Information is available at: http://www.graddiv.ucsb.edu/academic/ccut.aspx.