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Register to Vote

The 1998 reauthorization of the federal Higher Education Act includes a requirement that higher education institutions make a “good faith effort” to make mail voter registration forms available to all enrolled students. This federal legislation supports the campus’s long-standing goals of engendering leadership and citizenship among the student body. UCSB provides students with several options for registering to vote. Voter registration forms are available at numerous campus locations, including the Office of Student Life (2260 Student Resource Building (SRB) and the U.S. Post Office (UCen) or by calling (800) 345-VOTE. UCSB students are also able to request a voter registration form or link directly to the California online registration system from the UCSB Gaucho On-Line Data (GOLD) system at the same time they are searching and registering for academic classes. Residents with a California driver license or identification card can now register online at the Secretary of State’s website at http://registertovote.ca.gov/.
Students must re-register to vote if they have moved, changed names, or wish to change party affiliation. For further information on registration and voting, visit the UCSB Voter Registration website at www.sa.ucsb.edu/voterreg or contact the Office of Student Life at (805) 893-7884.