UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Academic Advising

Many sources of academic advising are available to students at UCSB. Each college provides advice to its students on matters such as major selection, program planning, academic difficulties, degree requirements, and petitions for exceptions to requirements. Undergraduate and graduate advisors are available in each major department to assist with decisions specifically relating to  majors, careers, and graduate schools. 

Students also meet with advisors in their colleges.  Undergraduate students in the College of Letters and Science should meet with advisors in the College Advising Office, 1117 Cheadle Hall (805 893-2038) for general advising as well advising related to the College of Letters and Science Honors Program, please visit http://www.duels.ucsb.edu/honors. For academic advising related to the College of Engineering Honors Program, please email: honors@engineering.ucsb.edu

Pre-professional advising is available in the College of Letters and Science for students considering careers in business administration and law. Please see www.duels.ucsb.edu/law  for details. Health professions advisor offer special assistance to students who hope to attend medical school or professional school in the health sciences; please visit http://www.duels.ucsb.edu/health for more information. Special advising services are also available to reentry and nontraditional, and international  students (telephone: 805 893-2038).

Students interested in the credential and degree programs in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (GGSE) should contact the following: for multiple subject, single subject, or educational specialist teaching credentials (805) 893-2036 or stop by the Credential Services Office in Education Building 4102; for Teacher Education Program specific information (805) 893-2084 or stop by Education Building 3230; Counseling, Clinical or School Psychology (805) 893-3375 or stop by Education Building 2103; Education (805) 893-3936 or stop by Education Building 3102. For detailed information on credential and degree requirements, please visit the website: www.education.ucsb.edu.