UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Grade Changes

All grades except I and IP are final when submitted to the registrar by the instructor, subject to the provisions noted in Contested Grades. Thereafter, an instructor may report a grade correction only in the case of clerical or procedural error.

An instructor also may change a grade in the quarter following that in which the original grade was received if the basis for the change is found in work previously accomplished in the course as a part of the student’s regular participation in class activity. However, such changes must not create inequities to others whose grades remain unaltered. No final grade (except I) may be revised by reexamination or additional coursework. Further, no letter grade may be changed to P/NP, and no P or NP may be changed to a letter grade unless the change is approved by the dean of the student’s college. All grades changed to Incomplete must be accompanied by the necessary Incomplete Grade Petition endorsed by the dean of the student’s college.