UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Medical Requirements

  1. All incoming students are required to complete the vaccinations and tuberculosis screening noted in the University of California Immunization Requirements. Failure to comply will result in a registration hold. We strongly urge you to have your immunizations up-to-date before you arrive at UCSB. Incoming students must complete this requirement by following the instructions on the Student Health University Immunization Requirements webpage. You will need to enter dates of the required immunizations and tuberculosis screening as well as upload your immunization records.
  2. Tuberculosis tests (blood test, skin test or chest x-ray) within the prior 12 months are required for those who have a positive screening questionnaire (see Student Health University Immunization Requirements webpage). TB tests and immunizations may be obtained at Student Health for a fee if you do not have Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI), and are fully covered if you are insured by GHI.
  3. Pre-participation Athletic Physicals are required for all intercollegiate athletes and Sport Club members, and must be completed at Student Health. These will be arranged by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department and the Recreation Department.