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Open University Program

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The Open University Program is a cooperative arrangement between the campus and UCSB Professional and Continuing Education that enables individuals to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses on a space available basis without being formally admitted to UCSB. Open University is not open to UCSB students who have been academically disqualified from UCSB or who are on reinstatement probation or subject to disqualification. Open University is ideal for those who are considering returning to school, preparing to enter UCSB, seeking to complete a few units to graduate, or desiring to take specific UCSB courses for professional reasons. Upon petition, units earned may be used to satisfy degree requirements; however, this coursework does not fulfill academic residency requirements. Participation in Open University does not constitute admission to UCSB. Course credits are recorded at UCSB Professional and Continuing Education. If accepted toward a degree, UCSB coursework completed through Open University at Professional and Continuing Education in fall 2000 or later will be used by the UCSB Registrar to calculate a student’s UC grade-point-average. Additional information about all of UCSB Professional and Continuing Education’s programs, including Open University, is available on the Web site at extension.ucsb.edu, by email at help@extension.ucsb.edu or by telephone: (805) 893-4200.