UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

2400 Bren Hall
Telephone: (805) 893-7611
Website: www.bren.ucsb.edu

Dean: Steven D. Gaines 

Sarah Anderson, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (environmental politics and public policy,American politics, legislatures, political parties, and statistical methods)
Mark Buntaine, PhD, Duke University, Associate Professor (international relations and environmental policy)
Tamma Carleton, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Assistant Professor (environmental economics, climate change, remote sensing)
Kelly Caylor, PhD, University of Virginia, Professor (ecology and hydrology of drylands, distributed environmental sensing & sensor development, sub-Saharan agriculture, coupled social-environmental systems) Joint Appointment: GEOG
Christopher Costello, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (environmental and resource economics)
Emily Cotter, MBA, University of Southern California, Continuing Lecturer (environmental/social innovation and entrepreneurship)
Frank Davis, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Professor (plant ecology, quantitative bio-geography, vegetation remote sensing, ecological applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems, conservation planning, fire ecology)
Ranjit Deshmukh, Assistant Professor Joint Appointment: ENVST
Joan Dudney, Assistant Professor Joint Appointment: ENVST
Roland Geyer, PhD, University of Surry, Professor (industrial ecology and management science, green supply-chain management, life-cycle assessment)
Ben Halpern, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (marine ecology, conservation planning)
Robert Heilmayr, PhD, Stanford University, Assistant Professor (environmental economics, ecological economics, land systems science) Joint Appointment: ENVST
Patricia Holden, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (pathogens in the environment, microbial ecology of pollutant degradation, soil microbiology)
Kelsey Jack, PhD, Harvard University, Associate Professor (Environmental and Development Economics) Joint Appointment: ECON
Scott Jasechko, PhD, University of New Mexico, Associate Professor (water resources, hydrology, groundwater, sustainability)
Arturo Keller, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (water quality management and modeling, fate and transport of pollutants, groundwater protection and remediation, contaminant treatment technologies, watershed management, environmental implications and applications of nanotechnology)
Bruce Kendall, PhD, University of Arizona, Professor (quantitative ecology; conservation biology; nonlinear dynamics; stochastic modeling; population ecology; spatial processes)
Ashley Larsen, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Associate Professor (agricultural and landscape ecology)
Hunter Lenihan, PhD, University of North Carolina, Professor (marine ecological research, including impact assessment; resource restoration and the development of environmental management strategies; community, conservation, and restoration ecology; fisheries oceanography, polar and deep-sea biology, adaptive management of marine resources)
Lisa Leombruni, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Lecturer (environmental communication, informal STEM learning, writing, environmental justice)
Andy Macdonald, Assistant Professor
Eric Masanet, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (sustainable manufacturing, energy systems analysis, industrial ecology)
Kyle Meng, PhD, Columbia University, Associate Professor (economics, climate change) Joint Appointment: ECON
Ruth Oliver, Assistant Professor
Andrew Plantinga, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (natural resource economics and policy)
Matthew Potoski, PhD, University of Indiana, Professor (corporate environmental management, political science)
James Salzman, JD cum laude, Harvard University, Professor (environmental law)
Samantha Stevenson-Michener, PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder, Assistant Professor (climate modeling, drought, oceanography, climate dynamics)
Sangwon Suh, PhD, Leiden University, Professor (corporate environmental management, industrial ecology, life cycle assessment)
Naomi Tague, PhD, University of Toronto, Professor (hydrology, linkages between climate, ecology, and hydrology)
David Tilman, PhD, University of Michigan, Professor (ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem functioning)

Emeriti Faculty
Jeff Dozier, PhD, University of Michigan
Tom Dunne, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
James Frew, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Charlie Kolstad, PhD, Stanford University (environmental economics) Joint Appointment: ECON
Gary Libecap, PhD, University of Pennsylvania Joint Appointment: ECON
John Melack, PhD, Duke University Joint Appointment: EEMB
Oran Young, PhD, Yale University (environmental institutions, governance for sustainable development)

Affiliated Faculty
Kathy Baylis, PhD (Geography)
Olivier Deschenes, PhD (Economics)
Ranjit Deshmukh (Environmental Studies, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
Steve Gaines, PhD (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology)
David Lea, PhD (Earth Science)
Sally MacIntyre, PhD (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology)
Paasha Mahdavi, PhD (Political Science)
Wendy Meiring, PhD (Statistics and Applied Probability)
Matto Mildenberger, PhD (Political Science)
Antony Millner (Economics)
David Pellow, PhD (Environmental Studies)
Ronald E. Rice, PhD (Communication)
Dar Roberts, PhD (Geography)