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Technology Management

Department of Technology Management
Phelps Hall 1332
Telephone (805) 893-5133
Email: tmp@tmp.ucsb.edu
Website: www.tmp.ucsb.edu

Chair: Kyle Lewis
Vice Chair: Gary Hansen

Graduate Program

PhD in Technology Management
The Ph.D. Program in Technology Management integrates organization science with technology and innovation studies in an interdisciplinary environment that transcends the distinctions between disciplines. Students will learn about the importance of technology and social systems in shaping organizational action. The Ph.D. program leverages existing strengths in engineering, technology innovation, and social sciences at UCSB with the goal of nurturing exceptional scholars who will go on to research and teach at top universities across the country and around the world. Coursework areas include organizational behavior, technology management strategy, team processes and performance, organizational theory, technology and organizational change, and methodological approaches ranging from laboratory experiments to ethnographic studies to survey research and network analysis. Faculty and students are encouraged to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries such as Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Computer Science, and Communication to pioneer exciting new interdisciplinary fields and programs.

The department emphasizes graduate education at the highest level. Admission to the Ph.D. program is open to applicants who demonstrate unusual ability and promise for academic and scholarly success. To be considered for admission, applicants must have received a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. Official grade transcripts and degree certifications will be required from the applicant’s academic institution(s), as will a detailed statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation. An undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher is recommended for admission into the program.

Verbal, quantitative and analytical Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores, taken within five years of application, are required of all applicants. The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) will serve as an acceptable alternative. There are no minimum required GRE or GMAT scores; however, the ideal applicant will score in the top 20 percent of each test.

Applicants whose native language is not English must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) prior to admission to UCSB. Requests for exceptions to this requirement will be considered for those students who have completed an undergraduate or graduate education at an institution whose primary language of instruction is English.

Doctor of Philosophy—Technology Management (Requirements – PDF)

Master of Technology Management
The Master of Technology Management (MTM) is a STEM-designated graduate degree program that offers motivated, early- to mid-career professionals the essential business knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset to expand their leadership opportunities within technology- and innovation-driven firms. If you are interested in pursuing a career within technology-driven organizations -- and eventually, leading projects, products, and teams -- consider UCSB’s Master of Technology Management.

MTM is open to anyone with an undergraduate degree (graduating seniors may also apply). And although many students have 4-5 years of professional experience, on average, MTM serves a diverse cohort of students with backgrounds in STEM, the social sciences and humanities, reflective of the multidisciplinary teams found in today’s technology companies. Over 90% of MTM graduates have job offers within 6 months of graduation. Many graduates go on to work within the thriving local technology sector or at such established technology companies as Google and Amazon.

Over the course of an academic year, students enroll in a core curriculum that provides foundational business knowledge required to navigate technology-driven firms. The core is complemented by other required coursework that enhances students’ ability to leverage data to better organize teams for continuous innovation. Over winter and spring quarters, students will apply respective strategies and skills through a consulting field project in which they will work with a team of fellow students, faculty advisor, and company advisor within a technology company to achieve a contemporary business challenge. The total number of units required to complete the MTM degree is 42 units.

Beyond field projects, MTM offers a wide array of co-curricular and professional development opportunities. In addition to personalized career development advising, MTM students are also able to participate in the annual New Venture Competition, company visits, executive brown-bag lunches, and networking events.

To learn more, go to tmp.ucsb.edu/mtm.

Master of Technology Management (Requirements – PDF) 

Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP) Certificate
For highly motivated graduate students across the UC Santa Barbara campus seeking a structured and diploma-enhancing business education, the Technology Management Program offers a UC-wide recognized graduate certificate. TMP helps prepare graduate students to enter the technology business world with a fundamental knowledge of business practices and theories. Topics include the fundamentals of business accounting and finance, market analysis, sales and marketing, planning, entrepreneurship new product development, team dynamics and leadership.

Our goal is to see UC Santa Barbara‘s Technology Management students sought out by technology corporations and start-ups. Students are expected to complete 18 credits that include 5 courses and either an internship or participation in the New Venture Competition.

For more information about this program, please visit www.tmp.ucsb.edu/

Optional Interdisciplinary Emphases

Students pursuing a doctoral degree in the Technology Management Program may petition to add the following Optional Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Emphases: Information Technology & Society.

Requirement sheets for each emphasis may be found on this page.