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Concurrent Enrollment

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To enroll in a course simultaneous to UCSB enrollment, students do not need a concurrent enrollment petition as long as they are in good academic standing AND are enrolled in at least 12 units during that quarter (or quarters if the concurrent class overlaps between UCSB quarters). Students are also not required to obtain a petition for UCSB Extension concurrent/open enrollment (XSB) as long as they are not enrolled in UCSB during the term they are concurrently enrolled at UCSB Extension. Students are required to obtain a petition for all UC Extension coursework, including open enrollment and true extension courses at other UC campuses. Additionally, they are still required to obtain a petition if they are enrolled in a true UCSB extension course (TMP X130F, for example.) For more information on UC Cross Campus Enrollment, please visit the Additional Enrollment Opportunities page.