UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Undergraduates at UC Santa Barbara who are interested in preparing for a career in law will find numerous opportunities to build the strong record of academic achievement and personal accomplishment which is so important in the very competitive world of law-school admissions.

Each year, more than 450 UC Santa Barbara students apply to the nation’s law schools. The rate at which applicants are admitted to law schools consistently exceeds national averages. Many students attend law schools in California, and a smaller number choose to attend eastern law schools. UC Santa Barbara graduates with superior academic records and scores on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) can expect to be admitted to the nation’s very best law schools.The combination of a strong and diverse liberal arts curriculum and an established network of advising and internship opportunities creates an intellectually engaging and supportive environment in which dedicated prelaw students pursue ambitious professional goals.

Students preparing for law school may select the major which holds the greatest degree of interest for them. Law schools seek to admit students with a broad academic background, demonstrated skills in analytical thinking and communication, and an academic record and score on the Law School Admissions Test which would predict success in law school. Competition for admission to the nation’s most prestigious law schools is very keen.The prelaw advisors in the College of Letters and Science assist students with major selection, program planning, selection of law schools, and applying for admission. The UCSB Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta provides information and mutual support; organizes law school tours for members and hosts the visits of law school representatives and local attorneys. In addition, a select group of UCSB prelaw students publishes one of just a handful of undergraduate law reviews produced in the United States.