UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences 4001
Telephone: (805) 893-5478
E-mail: gd-east@eastasian.ucsb.edu
Website: www.eastasian.ucsb.edu
Department Chair: Katherine Saltzman-Li

Akiyo M. Cantrell, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Lecturer (Japanese Language)
Shu Chuan Chen, Continuing Lecturer
William Fleming, PhD, Harvard University, Assistant Professor (early modern Japanese literature, theater, and cultural history; reception of Chinese literature in Japan; history of the book in East Asia)
Sabine Fruhstuck, PhD, University of Vienna, Professor (modern/contemporary history, ethnography, sociology, and cultural studies of Japan; power, sexuality, violence, childhood, war and military, knowledge systems)
Daoxiong Guan, MA, Washington University; M.S. Nanjing University, Continuing Lecturer (Chinese language)
Chen-Chuan Hsu, MA, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Lecturer (chinese language)
Ann-Elise Lewallen, PhD, University of Michigan, Associate Professor (sociocultural anthropology, indigenous and minority communities, multiculturalism, environmental justice, cultural studies of Japan)
Xiaorong Li, PhD, McGill University, Associate Professor (Chinese literature, gender and Ming-Qing literature)
Thomas J. Mazanec, Assistant Professor
Fabio Rambelli, PhD, University of Venice and Oriental University Institute, Naples, Professor (Japanese religions and intellectual history, Buddhist studies, Shinto studies; semiotics; transnational intellectual networks in East Asia) Joint Appointment: RELST
Katherine Saltzman-Li, PhD, Stanford University, Associate Professor (Pre-modern Japanese theatre, literature, and folklore)
Chikako Shinagawa, MA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Continuing Lecturer (Japanese language)
Dominic E. Steavu-Balint, PhD, Stanford University, Associate Professor (Chinese religions, Chinese Buddhism, Daoism, history of technology) Joint Appointment: RELST
Peter C. Sturman, PhD, Yale University, Professor (Early to modern Chinese painting and calligraphy; Japanese art) Joint Appointment: ARTHI
Hiroko Sugawara, MA, University of Oregon, Continuing Lecturer (Japanese language)
Kuo-Ch'ing Tu, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (Chinese poetry, contemporary Chinese literature, Taiwanese literature, Chinese theories of literature, Japanese poetry, comparative literature (East and West), world literatures in Chinese)
Yoko Yamauchi, Continuing Lecturer
Mayfair Yang, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (anthropology, China , critical theory, media, gender, state) Joint Appointment: RELST
Hsiao-Jung Yu, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (historical Chinese linguistics, syntax (language contact and its influence on Chinese language development), applied linguistics (language teaching theory and methodology focusing on Chinese), the language in vernacular Chinese literature)
Xiaowei Zheng, PhD, UC San Diego, Associate Professor (political and social history of China, political culture of China) Joint Appointment: HIST

Emeriti Faculty
Ronald C. Egan, PhD, Harvard University (Chinese literature, aesthetics)
Allan G. Grapard, PhD, National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris (medieval Japanese religion)
Haruko Iwasaki, PhD, Harvard University (18th-century Japanese popular literature)
Tomiko Narahara, PhD, Harvard University (Japanese linguistics)
John W. Nathan, PhD, Harvard University
William Powell, PhD, UC Berkeley (history of religions — China) Joint Appointment: RELST

Affiliated Faculty
Jose I. Cabezon, PhD (Religious Studies)
Laurie A. Freeman, PhD (Political Science)
Yunte Huang, PhD (English)
Kate L. McDonald, PhD (History)
David E. Novak, PhD (Music)
Luke S. Roberts, PhD (History)
Bhaskar Sarkar, PhD (Film and Media Studies)
Paul R. Spickard, PhD (History)
Peter C. Sturman, PhD (History of Art and Architecture, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies)
Miriam Wattles, PhD (History of Art and Architecture)
Naoki Yamamoto, PhD (Film and Media Studies)
Xiaojian Zhao, PhD (Asian American Studies)