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Renaissance Studies

Renaissance Studies Program
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Department of English
South Hall 3400 Suite (Advising & Administrative Offices)
Telephone: (805) 893-7488
E-mail: englishinfo@english.ucsb.edu
Website: http://renaissancestudies.ucsb.edu
Program Chair: Robert Williams


The interdisciplinary major in Renaissance studies is intended to serve students interested in an undergraduate liberal arts major, as well as those who plan to pursue graduate studies in the field. Just as individuals during the Renaissance period (1300-1650) became adept in many areas of study, such as the arts, literature, history, and classics, the student majoring or double-majoring in Renaissance studies will have the opportunity and flexibility to design his or her own program of study in which he or she will be able to make connections across disciplines. Therefore, coursework leading to a B.A. in Renaissance studies may be done in English and European literatures, history, art, music, religious studies, and classics. With the assistance of members of the advisory committee, students will set up individual programs structured by their special interests. Students should consult with their advisors each quarter from the beginning of their junior year to have their programs formally approved and to learn about special Renaissance studies courses. Students are also encouraged to consider spending one or more of their undergraduate quarters in a European university through the Education Abroad Program.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in Renaissance Studies who are interested in pursuing a California Teaching Credential should contact the Credential Advisor in the Graduate School of Education.

Renaissance Studies Advisory Committee

Hilary Bernstein, Ph.D. (History)
James Kearney, Ph.D. (English)
Jon R. Snyder, Ph.D. (French and Italian)