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Diplomas are mailed several months after the end of the term in which the degree(s) were awarded. Students will receive both an electronic copy and a hard copy of their diploma(s).

Students should update their diploma address in GOLD to the most current address. Diplomas are printed with the student's legal name on record with the Office of the Registrar. Students should check their name for accuracy and can request a change of name using the Name or Data Change form available on the Office of the Registrar website (

Degree candidates who need official verification of degree(s) awarded before diplomas are ready may order official transcripts or verifications through GOLD. When placing an order, candidates should request that the transcript or verification be held until the degree(s) are posted to the student's record.

If you have a financial block on your BARC account at the end of the quarter for which you have declared candidacy to graduate, your diploma will be held until your BARC account is cleared. In the event that your diploma is held, you must contact the BARC office by phone at (805) 893-3756, or by email to If you have a University Center block, contact the University Center by at (805-) 893-4097. Once the financial block is cleared, you will be required to submit a release form and pay an additional processing fee to receive your diploma. To initiate this process contact the Office of the Registrar at