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Open University Program

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The Open University Program is a cooperative arrangement between the campus and UCSB Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) that enables individuals to enroll in undergraduate and graduate courses on a space-available basis without being formally admitted to UCSB. Open University is open to community members, including UCSB students who are unable to continue on the matriculation track. . Open University is ideal for those who are considering returning to school, preparing to enter UCSB, seeking to complete a few units to graduate, or desiring to take specific UCSB courses for professional or personal enrichment reasons.. Course credits are recorded at UCSB (PaCE). If accepted toward a degree, UCSB coursework completed through Open University at PaCE in Fall 2000 or later will be used by the UCSB Registrar to calculate a student’s UC grade-point-average. Additional information about all Open University, is available at our website here, by email at help@professional.ucsb.edu or by telephone: (805) 893-4200.