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College Degree Requirements

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Creative Studies students work closely with their advisors to establish which courses they will complete for their majors. When necessary, CCS students may take basic or introductory courses in the College of Letters and Science to prepare for advanced work.

In addition to completing a major with the guidance of an advisor, each student must fulfill the College of Creative Studies general education requirements. These are designed to accommodate individual interests while still ensuring that each student acquires a broad education. Each student is required to complete:

  1. two courses in fields related to the student’s major, as determined in consultation with a CCS advisor;
  2. eight courses broadly distributed in fields unrelated to the student’s major, as determined in consultation with the advisor. These may be selected from courses offered by the College of Creative Studies, the College of Letters and Science, and the College of Engineering.

One of these courses must fulfill the Ethnicity Requirement: a course that concentrates on the intellectual, social and cultural experience, and history of HISTORICALLY oppressed and excluded racial minorities in the United States. This course may be selected from a list of courses that fulfill the Ethnicity Requirement offered through the College of Letters and Science.

Students in the college work closely with their advisors, reviewing their planned courses of study each quarter. Contingent upon completion of all requirements, the advisor recommends the student for graduation.