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UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Adebisi Agboola, PhD, Columbia University, Professor (number theory, arithmetic geometry) Joint Appointment: MATH
Tengiz Bibilashvili, PhD, Tbilisi State University, Senior Lecturer SOE (Theoretical physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Maribel Bueno Cachadina, PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Senior Lecturer SOE (linear algebra, numerical linear algebra, combinatorial matrix theory) Joint Appointment: MATH
Alison Butler, PhD, UC San Diego, Professor (bio-inorganic and bioorganic chemistry, metallobiochemistry and chemical biology) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Jane Callister, MFA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Professor (critical studies/contemporary culture, impact of new bodies of knowledge on contemporary art practice and theory, painting and drawing, inter-media) Joint Appointment: ART
Phill Conrad, PhD, University of Delaware, Senior Lecturer SOE (computer science education, software engineering education) Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Daryl Cooper, PhD, Warwick University, Professor (geometric topology; hyperbolic geometry; group theory; projective geometry; non-standard analysis) Joint Appointment: MATH
Tony de Tomaso, PhD, Washington University, Professor (cell biology, developmental biology, immunology, transplantation biology, stem cell biology, regeneration, genetics, genomics) Joint Appointment: MCDB
James H. Donelan, PhD, Yale University, Continuing Lecturer (interdisciplinary humanities writing, Romanticism, aesthetics, literature and music, philosophical approaches to writing and literature)
Stu Feinstein, PhD, UC San Francisco, Professor (molecular cell biology and neurobiology) Joint Appointment: MCDB
Carlos Garcia-Cervera, PhD, New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Professor (calculus of variations, materials science, complex fluids, quantum chemistry, density functional theory) Joint Appointment: MATH
Sathya Guruswamy, PhD, University of Rochester, Senior Lecturer SOE (theoretical condensed matter physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Leslie A. Hogan, DMA, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Continuing Senior Lecturer (music composition)
Birge Huisgen-Zimmerman, PhD, Ludwig Maximilians University, Professor (algebra; representation theory) Joint Appointment: MATH
Murat Karaorman, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Lecturer (computer science)
Robert Krut, MA, Arizona University, Continuing Lecturer (Creative Writing, Composition, Outreach, Professional Writing, Popular Culture, Film Studies)
Armand Kuris, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (parasite ecology, marine ecology, role of infectious processes in ecosystems, control of human schistosomiasis, crustacean biology) Joint Appointment: EEMB
John Latto, PhD, Imperial College, Senior Lecturer SOE (population and community ecology) Joint Appointment: EEMB
Leroy Laverman, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Senior Lecturer SOE (inorganic and analytical chemistry) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Everett Lipman, PhD, UC Berkeley, Associate Professor (experimental biological physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
D. D. Long, PhD, Cambridge University, Professor (low-dimensional topology) Joint Appointment: MATH
Michael Ludkovski, PhD, Princeton University, Professor (stochastic control, optimal stopping, stochastic filtering, Monte Carlo methods. Applications in financial and insurance mathematics, decision theory and risk management.) Joint Appointment: STATS
John Martinis, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (experimental condensed matter physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Jon McCammond, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (geometric group theory and geometric combinatorics) Joint Appointment: MATH
David Morrison, PhD, Harvard University, Professor (algebraic geometry and mathematical physics) Joint Appointment: MATH PHYS
Jane Mulfinger, MA, Royal College of Art, London, Professor (site-specific art, sculpture and spatial studies in art, interactive art) Joint Appointment: ART
Marko Peljhan, Diploma, University of Ljublijana, Slovenia, Professor (interdisciplinary studies, systemics, tactical media, digital media, performance) Joint Appointment: MAT
Henry Pitcher, BA, UC Santa Barbara, Senior Lecturer SOE (art)
Stephen Proulx, PhD, University of Utah, Professor (evolutionary theory) Joint Appointment: EEMB
Mihai Putinar, PhD, University of Bucharest, Professor (operator theory, complex analysis) Joint Appointment: MATH
Curtis Roads, PhD, University of Paris VIII, Professor (music composition, microsound synthesis, graphical synthesis, sound analysis and transformation, sound spatialization, history of electronic music) Joint Appointment: MAT
Ram Seshadri, PhD, Indian Institute of Science, Professor (inorganic materials, preparation and magnetism of bulk solids and nonoparticles, patterned materials) Joint Appointment: MATRL CHEM
Joan-Emma Shea, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (theoretical biophysical chemistry) Joint Appointment: CHEM PHYS
Timothy Sherwood, PhD, UC San Diego, Professor (computer architecture, secure hardware, superconducting accelerators, embedded systems, program analysis and characterization) Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Jervey Tervalon, Continuing Lecturer
Claudia Tyler, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Continuing Senior Lecturer (Biology)
Dave Valentine, PhD, UC Irvine, Professor (interactions between microbes and the Earth system, biogeochemical cycles, ecology of Archaea) Joint Appointment: ERTSC
Guofang Wei, PhD, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Professor (differential geometry) Joint Appointment: MATH
Ellen Whittet, Continuing Lecturer

Emeriti Faculty
Steven Allaback, PhD, University of Washington Joint Appointment: ENGL
William Ashby, PhD, University of Michigan (linguistics) Joint Appointment: FR&IT
Donald Aue, PhD, Cornell University Joint Appointment: CHEM
Clarence Barlow, LTCL, Trinity College of Music London Joint Appointment: MUSIC
Robyn M. Bell, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Gary Brown, MFA, University of Wisconsin, Madison Joint Appointment: ART
David Cannell, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (experimental condensed matter physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Peter Cappello, PhD, Princeton University Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Omer Egecioglu, PhD, UC San Diego Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Kathy Foltz, PhD, Purdue University Joint Appointment: MCDB
L.O. Aranye Fradenburg, PhD, University of Virginia Joint Appointment: ENGL
Jeremy J. Haladyna, PhD, UC Santa Barbara
Bill Jacob, PhD, Princeton University Joint Appointment: MATH
William Kraft, MA, Columbia University (composition) Joint Appointment: MUSIC
Suzanne Levine, PhD, New York University (Latin American Literature, Literary Translation, Translation Studies) Joint Appointment: SP&PT
Shirley Lim, PhD, Brandeis University Joint Appointment: ENGL
David Low, PhD, UC Irvine Joint Appointment: MCDB BMSE
Michael W. O'Connell, PhD, Yale University Joint Appointment: ENGL
Harry Reese, MFA, Brown University Joint Appointment: ART
Francesc Roig, PhD, University of Massachusetts (mathematical physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Charles A. Ryavec, PhD, University of Michigan
Earl Stewart, DMA, University of Texas Joint Appointment: BLKST
Bruce Tiffney, PhD, Harvard University Joint Appointment: ERTSC
Bob Warner, PhD, UC San Diego, Scripps Joint Appointment: EEMB
Adrian Wenner