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Minimal Progress Requirements

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A student in the College of Engineering will be placed on academic probation if the total number of units passed at UCSB is fewer than that prescribed by the prevailing academic Senate regulation regarding Minimum Cumulative  Progress (see the “Academic Policies and Procedures” section for more information). At least three-fourths of the minimum number of academic units passed must include courses prescribed for the major.

The following courses may be counted toward the unit minimums: courses repeated to raise C-, D, or F grades; courses passed by examination; courses graded IP (In Progress); courses passed during summer session at UCSB or at another accredited college or university and transferred to UCSB.

Students must obtain the approval of the dean of engineering to deviate from these requirements. Approval normally will be granted only in the case of medical disability, severe personal problems, or accident.

Students enrolled in dual-degree programs must submit their proposed programs of study to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering for approval. The individual programs must contain comparable standards of minimal academic progress.