UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Chemical Engineering

Engineering II, Room 3357;
Telephone (805) 893-3412
Website: www.chemengr.ucsb.edu
Chair: Rachel Segalman
Vice-Chair: Mike Gordon and M. Scott Shell

Joe Chada, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lecturer Potential SOE
Brad Chmelka, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (self-assembled materials, heterogeneous catalysis, surfactants and polymers, porous and composite solids, magnetic resonance)
Phil Christopher, PhD, University of Michigan, Professor (catalysis, photocatalysis, plasmonics, nanomaterials synthesis, in-situ characterization)
Sid Dey, PhD, UC Berkeley, Assistant Professor (systems biology, epigenetics, stem cell biology) Joint Appointment: BIOE
Mike Doherty, PhD, Cambridge University, Professor (Process design and synthesis, separations, crystal engineering)
Glenn Fredrickson, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (statistical mechanics of soft matter, polymer theory, phase transitions, glass transitions, polymer technologies, energy and sustainable technologies, block copolymers, statistical mechanics, composite media)
Mike Gordon, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Professor (surface physics, scanning probe microscopy, nanoscale materials, plasmonics, laser spectroscopy)
Songi Han, PhD, Aachen University of Technology, Professor (magnetic resonance methods and applications, protein biophysics, spectrosopy) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Matt Helgeson, PhD, University of Delaware, Professor (colloidal thermodynamics and rheology, polymer and surfactant self-assembly, nanomaterials, microfluidics)
Eric McFarland, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (energy production, catalysis, reaction engineering, charge and energy transfer)
Arnab Mukherjee, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Assistant Professor (protein and cell engineering, genetic tools for molecular imaging, fluorescence imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, anaerobic biosystems, synthetic biology) Joint Appointment: BIOE
Michelle O'Malley, PhD, University of Delaware, Professor (genetic and cellular engineering, membrane protein characterization for drug discovery, protein biophysics, metagenomics, biofuel production) Joint Appointment: BIOE
Jim Rawlings, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor (chemical process monitoring and control, reaction engineering, computational modeling)
Susannah Scott, PhD, Iowa State University, Professor (heterogeneous catalysis, surface organometallic chemistry; analysis of electronic structure and stoichiometric reactivity to determine catalytic function) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Rachel Segalman, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (polymer design, self-assembly, and properties) Joint Appointment: MATRL
M. Scott Shell, PhD, Princeton University, Professor (molecular simulation, statistical mechanics, complex materails, protein biophysics)
Todd Squires, PhD, Harvard University, Professor (fluid mechanics, microfluidics, microrheology, complex fluids)
Sho Takatori, Assistant Professor

Emeriti Faculty
Sanjoy Banerjee, PhD, University of Waterloo Joint Appointment: ME
Owen Hanna, PhD, Purdue University (theoretical methods)
L. Gary Leal, PhD, Stanford University
Gene Lucas, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: ME
Duncan Mellichamp, PhD, Purdue University (process dynamics and control, process design/ profitability)
A Profio
Bob Rinker, PhD, California Institute of Technology (chemical kinetics, reaction engineering, catalysis)
Orville Sandall, PhD, UC Berkeley (transport of mass, energy, and momentum, separation processes)
Dale Seborg, PhD, Princeton University (process dynamics and control, monitoring and fault detection, system identification)
Theo Theofanous, PhD, University of Minnesota Joint Appointment: ME

Affiliated Faculty
Mahdi Abu-Omar, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Christopher Bates, PhD (Materials)
Songi Han, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering)