UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara


Department of Materials
Engineering II, Room 1355;
Telephone (805) 893-4601
Web site: www.materials.ucsb.edu
Chair: Michael L. Chabinyc
Vice Chair: Stephen Wilson

Christopher Bates, PhD, University of Austin Texas, Associate Professor (polymer mesostructure and dynamics, energy storage, and crystallization)
Matthew Begley, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (mechanics of materials, layered and composite materials, computational mechanics, additive manufacturing and micro devices) Joint Appointment: ME
Irene Beyerlein, PhD, Cornell University, Professor (structural mechanics of multi-phase micro- and nanostructured materials, design of metallic alloys) Joint Appointment: ME
John Bowers, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (high-speed photonic and electronic devices and integrated circuits, fiber optic communication, semiconductors, laser physics and mode-locking phenomena, compound semiconductor materials and processing) Joint Appointment: ECE TMP
Michael Chabinyc, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (organic semiconductors, thin film electronics, energy conversion using photovoltaics, characterization of thin films of polymers, x-ray scattering from polymers)
Raphaele Clement, PhD, University of Cambridge, Assistant Professor (electrochemical materials for energy generation and storage, solid-state NMR spectroscopy, EPR spectroscopy, first principles calculations of NMR/EPR parameters)
Xi Dai, PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor (electronic structure of correlated materials, topological materials, quantum materials, density functional theory)
Steven Denbaars, PhD, University of Southern California, Professor (metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy, optoelectronic materials, compound semiconductors, indium phosphide and gallium nitride, photonic devices) Joint Appointment: ECE
Dan Gianola, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Professor (nanomechanical behavior of materials, tunable energy conversion, micro- and nanoelectronics, thermal management, and waste heat collection)
John Harter, PhD, Cornell University, Assistant Professor (quantum materials, unconventional superconductors, strongly-correlated electrons, nonlinear optical spectroscopy, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy)
Craig Hawker, PhD, Cambridge University, Professor (synthetic polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Sriram Krishnamoorthy, PhD, The Ohio State University, Assistant Professor (ultra-wide band gap semiconductors, epitaxial materials and electronic/photonic devices, metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy, Gallium Oxide)
Carlos Levi, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Professor (structural and inorganic materials: conceptual design of materials, synthesis and evolution of the microstructure during processing and service; implications to performance, especially in extreme environments) Joint Appointment: ME
Robert McMeeking, PhD, Brown University, Professor (mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics, plasticity, computational mechanics, process modeling, cell mechanics, functional materials) Joint Appointment: ME
Shuji Nakamura, PhD, University of Tokushima, Professor (gallium nitride, blue lasers, white LEDs, solid state illumination, bulk GaN substrates)
Chris Palmstrom, PhD, Leeds University, Professor (atomic level control of interfacial phenomena, in-situ STM, surface and thin film analysis, metallization of semiconductors, dissimilar materials epitaxial growth, molecular beam and chemical beam epitaxial growth of metallic compounds) Joint Appointment: ECE
Angela Pitenis, PhD, Univerity of Florida, Assistant Professor (Surfaces and interfaces, soft matter physics, bio-inspired and biological materials, in situ instrumentation)
Tresa Pollock, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (mechanical and environmental performance of materials in extreme environments, unique high temperature materials processing paths, ultrafast laser-material interactions, alloy design and 3-D materials characterization)
Ananya Renuka Balakrishna, Assistant Professor
Cyrus Safinya, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (biophysics, supramolecular assemblies of biological molecules, non-viral gene delivery systems) Joint Appointment: MCDB
Omar Saleh, PhD, Princeton University, Professor (single-molecule biophysics, motor proteins, DNA-protein interactions) Joint Appointment: BMSE PHYS
Rachel Segalman, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (polymer design, self-assembly, and properties) Joint Appointment: CNENG
Ram Seshadri, PhD, Indian Institute of Science, Professor (inorganic materials, preparation and magnetism of bulk solids and nonoparticles, patterned materials) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Jim Speck, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (nitride semiconductors, III-V semiconductors, ferroelectric and high-K films, microstructural evolution, extended defects, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction)
Susanne Stemmer, PhD, Max-Planck-Institut, Professor (functional oxide thin films, structure-property relationships, scanning transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy)
Galen Stucky, PhD, Iowa State University, Professor (biomaterials, composites, materials synthesis, electro-optical materials, and catalysis) Joint Appointment: CHEM
Chris Van de Walle, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (Novel electronic materials, wide-band-gap semiconductors, oxides)
Anton Van Der Ven, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor (first-principles statistical mechanics methods, phase transformation mechanisms, electrochemical behavior and mechanical properties of materials)
Claude Weisbuch, PhD, Universite Paris VII, Ecole Polytechnique-Palaiseau, Professor (semiconductor physics: fundamental and applied optical studies of quantized electronic structures and photonic-controlled structures; electron spin resonance in semiconductors, optical semiconductor microcavities, photonic bandgap materials)
Stephen Wilson, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Professor (strongly correlated electron/quantum materials, spin-orbit coupling and many-body electronic states in functional materials)
Francis Zok, PhD, McMaster University, Professor (mechanical and thermal properties of materials and structures)

Emeriti Faculty
Gui Bazan, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: CHEM
Anthony Cheetham, PhD, Oxford University Joint Appointment: CHEM
David Clarke, PhD, Cambridge University Joint Appointment: ME
Larry Coldren, PhD, Stanford University Joint Appointment: ECE
Alan Heeger, PhD, UC Berkeley Joint Appointment: PHYS
Evelyn Hu, PhD, Columbia University Joint Appointment: ECE
Herbert Kroemer, PhD, University of Göttingen, Germany Joint Appointment: ECE
James Langer, PhD, University of Birmingham (theoretical condensed matter physics) Joint Appointment: PHYS
Frederick Milstein, PhD, UC Los Angeles Joint Appointment: ME
Robert Odette, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: ME
Pierre Petroff, PhD, UC Berkeley Joint Appointment: ECE
Fyl Pincus, PhD, UC Berkeley Joint Appointment: PHYS
Fred Wudl, PhD, UC Los Angeles Joint Appointment: CHEM

Affiliated Faculty
Glenn Fredrickson, PhD (Chemical Engineering)