UC Santa Barbara General CatalogUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Engineering II, Room 2355;
Telephone (805) 893-2430
Web site: www.me.ucsb.edu
Chair: Jeff Moehlis
Vice Chair: Alban Sauret

Bassam Bamieh, PhD, Rice University, Professor (dynamic systems, controls, and robotics)
Matthew Begley, PhD, UC Santa Barbara, Professor (mechanics of materials, layered and composite materials, computational mechanics, additive manufacturing and micro devices) Joint Appointment: MATRL
Glenn Beltz, PhD, Harvard University, Professor (Solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, stresses in thin films)
Ted Bennett, PhD, UC Berkeley, Associate Professor (thermal science, laser processing)
Irene Beyerlein, PhD, Cornell University, Professor (structural mechanics of multi-phase micro- and nanostructured materials, design of metallic alloys) Joint Appointment: MATRL
Francesco Bullo, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Professor (multi-agent networks, robotic coordination, distributed computing, vehicle routing, geometric control, motion planning)
Sam Daly, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Professor (mechanics of materials, development of small-scale experimental methods, effects of microstructure on the meso and macroscopic properties of materials, active materials, composites, fatigue, plasticity, fracture)
Emilie Dressaire, PhD, Harvard University, Assistant Professor (Learning about and learning from biological and natural processes to control fluid flow and transport.)
Frederic Gibou, PhD, UC Los Angeles, Professor (High resolution multi-scale simulation, scientific computing, tools and software for computational science and engineering, engineering applications? to "High resolution multiscale simulation and data analysis of multiphase flows, high temperature materials, biosystems) Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Elliot Hawkes, PhD, Stanford University, Associate Professor (Design, mechanics, and non-traditional materials to advance the vision of robust, adaptable, human-safe robots that can thrive in the uncertain, unstructured world.)
Stephen Laguette, Continuing Lecturer
Carlos Levi, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Professor (structural and inorganic materials: conceptual design of materials, synthesis and evolution of the microstructure during processing and service; implications to performance, especially in extreme environments) Joint Appointment: MATRL
Bolin Liao, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (Nanoscale energy transport and its application to sustainable energy technologies.)
Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz, PhD, Cornell University, Assistant Professor (wind farm aerodynamics, hydrodynamic drag reduction, instrumentation for oceanography)
Eric Matthys, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Professor (Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics, Rheology, Energy, Sustainability)
Robert McMeeking, PhD, Brown University, Professor (mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics, plasticity, computational mechanics, process modeling, cell mechanics, functional materials) Joint Appointment: MATRL
Eckart Meiburg, PhD, University of Karlsruhe, Professor (fluid dynamics, two-phase flows, environmental and geophysical fluid mechanics)
Carl Meinhart, PhD, University of Illinois, Professor (Microfluidics, Chemical Detection, Numerical Simulation, Multiphysics Simulation)
Igor Mezic, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Professor (applied mechanics, non-linear dynamics, fluid mechanics, applied mathematics)
Jeff Moehlis, PhD, UC Berkeley, Professor (nonlinear dynamics and control, neuroengineering, biological dynamics, collective behavior, applied mathematics)
Sumita Pennathur, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (application of microfabrication techniques and micro/nanoscale flow phenomena)
Linda Petzold, PhD, University of Illinois, Professor (modeling, simulation and data analysis of multiscale systems in systems biology, engineering and medicine) Joint Appointment: CMPSC
Beth Pruitt, PhD, Stanford University, Professor (Mechanobiology, microfabrication, engineering and science, engineering microsystems, and biointerfaces for quantitative mechanobiology.) Joint Appointment: BMSE BENG
Alban Sauret, PhD, Aix-Marseille University, Associate Professor (Investigating fluid dynamics, interfacial effects and particle transport mechanisms involved in environmental and industrial processes)
Ryan Stowers, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor (mechanobiology, biomaterials, hydrogel engineering, tissue engineering)
Tyler Susko, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lecturer SOE (Mechanical and Product Design, Engineering Education, Rehabilitation Robotics, human-machine interaction)
Geoff Tsai, Lecturer Potential SOE
Megan Valentine, PhD, Harvard University, Professor (single-molecule biophysics, cell mechanics, motor proteins, biomaterials)
Henry Yang, PhD, Cornell University, Professor (Computational Solid Mechanics, Composite Materials; Structural Dynamics & Finite Element Analysis)
Enoch Yeung, PhD, California Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (Control theory, machine learning, synthetic biology, and systems biology.)
Yangying Zhu, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor (Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, micro/nanosystems, energy storage, thermal management)

Emeriti Faculty
Sanjoy Banerjee, PhD, University of Waterloo Joint Appointment: CNENG
John Bruch, PhD, Stanford University
David Clarke, PhD, Cambridge University Joint Appointment: MATRL
Roy Hickman, PhD, UC Berkeley
George Homsy, PhD, University of Illinois
Wilbert Lick, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Gene Lucas, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: CNENG
Noel Macdonald, PhD, UC Berkeley Joint Appointment: MATRL
Ekkehard Marschall, Dr Ing, Technische Hochschule Hannover
Steve McLean, PhD, University of Washington
Frederick Milstein, PhD, UC Los Angeles Joint Appointment: MATRL
Thomas Mitchell, PhD, California Institute of Technology
Robert Odette, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Appointment: MATRL
Brad Paden, PhD, UC Berkeley
Theo Theofanous, PhD, University of Minnesota Joint Appointment: CNENG
Walter Yuen, PhD, UC Berkeley

Affiliated Faculty
Paul Atzberger, PhD (Mathematics)
Katie Byl, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Hector Ceniceros, PhD (Mathematics)
Joao Hespanha, PhD (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Patricia Holden, PhD (Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
Arturo Keller, PhD (Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
Eric Masanet, PhD (Bren School of Environmental Science and Management)
Kevin Plaxco, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program)
Yon Visell, PhD (Media Arts and Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering)